Friday, February 22, 2013

short fucks

in appreciation of the short, quick fuck.

fuck 1
dude and i had just started chatting on one of the sites recently.  very cute, used to date a trans guy.  as usual scheduling issues made it hard to hook up.  finally we arrange a date.  he got lost so was late, but eventually made it.  as cute in person as his pics.  small, average build.  we make out and strip.  he spreads my legs and plays with my clit.  i take his cock into my mouth and blow him.  he has a nice, cut medium size cock.  i slip a condom on him and he pushes into me.  'damn you feel so good', 'you're so tight', he moans as his hips pound between my legs.  he lifts my legs to his shoulders and watches as his cock slides into me.  'i'm getting close' he moans.  'cum man' i say, i haven't cum yet but i wasn't necessarily looking to cum.  he speeds up and moans as he shoots inside me.  we chat for a bit after, he show's me pics of his ex then he has to go as his boyfriend is waiting for him.  50 minutes

fuck 2
i had not seen this guy in over 2 years.  he lives really far away.  i'm having one of those days when everyone is cancelling on me and i'm horny.  he hits me up as he does now and then.  we chat and i say he is too far but he says he will come to me and can be there in an hour.  perfect.  he is very cute in a seattle grunge long hair kind of way.  he arrives and we start making out immediately.  strip and he sucks my nips as i remember now he really likes to do.  we grind and kiss and he's hard, he has a nice thick uncut cock and i want him in me.  i grab a condom and he pushes in.  fucks me missionary then turns me over and fucks me from behind.  we fuck for about 20 minutes until he cums grinding his hips into me as he shoots.  we chat some, he cleans up and heads out.  40 minutes

fuck 3
this asian boy and i used to be pretty regular fuck buds sometimes it was good sometimes ok.  i have written about him before (tale of two cocks).  however for various reasons it has been at least a year since we last fucked.  i have somewhere i need to be around 7pm.  we arrange to meet at 6pm.  he gets held up and show's up at 6:30pm.  we both strip right away.  i kneel down and blow him quickly.  'let's fuck he says'.  i grab a condom and ask how he wants me.  he bends me over so i'm on my hands and knees and he pushes into me from behind.  fucks me doggy style.  his balls hitting my clit with each stroke.  he used to be able to go for a long time but we are both in a hurry.  after about 10 minutes he says he's getting close and i tell him to cum and he shoots inside me - big load, i remember that he shoots big loads.  we chat for a bit but i gotta go so he cleans up and head out the door.  30 minutes