Saturday, March 9, 2013

mr sweat

NOTE:  Hookups are inherently risky - this piece is about a hook up that reminded me of that in case you want to skip it.  

I had hooked up with two of my regulars on Saturday. One in the afternoon who's a quick fun hook up and then the other at night who i really like and is a much longer experience....

Its now Sunday afternoon and I'm tired. However, I'm just surfing the sites to see what's going on when a cutie hits me up.  and he is not far away.  i head over.  he is a big guy which i couldn't really tell from his pics but is ok with me.  we get to it right away.  he has porn playing on his laptop.  we both strip.  i kneel between his legs and blow him.  i grab a condom and slide it on. he's big and rough.  pushes into me hard, pounds his hips into me, its hot, but then he starts to sweat.  i don't mind sweat.  i mean everyone sweats.  but this is ridiculous.  he is on top of me and the sweat is pouring off him and dripping all over me, on my face, into my mouth.  its too much.  i stop him and push him onto his back.  i ride him til we both cum.

i roll off him and lay back for a second catching my breath.  we chat for a few while we recover and then i say i have to go.  he says 'ah, already' and starts kissing me rolling his sizable body on top of me.  i can feel that he is hard again.  but i'm done.  i stop him and just say 'nah man i really gotta go'.  he grinds his hips into me, i feel his hard cock on my stomach and says 'are you sure?'.  i say 'yeah man'.  there is a moment when i think 'what if he doesn't get off, dude is so much bigger than me...'  however, instead he grabs me in a huge bear hug and says 'ok' and rolls off me.

i've been really fortunate (knock on wood) exploring the world of anonymous play.  no one has forced me to do anything i did not want to.  in most cases if things were to go awry just the pure physical size of my hookups versus my small frame put me at a major disadvantage especially when im buck naked.  while this dude had no intention of forcing me to do anything, that moment when i thought 'what if he doesn't get off me' was a reminder of my vulnerability.