Saturday, June 30, 2012

the skilled cock

dude used to be one of my regulars however we had not hooked up in over six months for multiple reasons mostly due to scheduling.  we had been hooking up pretty regularly at one point, light skin gay guy of color, slim, average build.  he'd been with trans guys before.  total dom top.  

he's the kind of hook up that i appreciate.  we would chit chat some but not alot, he prefers to get right to the fucking and then the post fuck chat is minimal.  it was not an in and out type of situation, we would fuck then cuddle some, maybe watch something on tv, he'd invited me to stay for dinner before (which i declined but thought was nice).  a good number of my regulars like to chat and i'm into that sometimes, but other times i just want to fuck and that's it.  so this dude i have an appreciation for. 

we finally arranged to meet up.  he looks a little more worn down than the last time i saw him.  hard times all around these days....  we don't chat much and get right to fucking.  we both strip immediately and we kiss and grind our bodies together.  his lips are really chapped which i'm not so into.  but he is hard immediately.  and he has a beautiful cock, it has a slight curve in it.  i quickly  wrap my lips around it and slide my mouth up and down its smoothness.  he moans. 

i grab a condom, slip it on and lube him up.  i put the tip of his cock to my cunt and slowly slide him in.  i moan as he enters me.  i ride him slowly at first getting used to the feel of his cock.  he feels so good, his cock deep inside me, i luv the way it feels as i slide up and down its smoothness.  i ride him with a silly grin on my face thinking why did we wait so long to do this again.   however now i want him on top.  i pull him over so he's fucking me missionary (missionary is my favorite position). 

he strokes me slowly our bodies tight against each other.  i grab his ass pushing him deep inside me.  i raise my hips to meet his strokes and clench my cunt around his dick in a way that also hits my clit hard.  its majorly hot.  then he starts fucking me hard and fast, pounding into me, rough fast strokes til he cums shooting inside me. 

he lies on top of me his cock still pretty hard inside me.  he keeps stroking me.  its very hot.  then he stops and starts doing this incredible thing with his cock that i've never experienced before.  i can feel his cock pulsate inside me.  its like his cock is expanding and contracting inside me over and over again it feels like he is cumming non stop.  i cum multiple times from this.  he keeps this up for a good while it feels like we are both cumming over and over again.  until he collapses on top of me his cock now soft and i slide him out.  

as we lie there catching our breath i say to him, that was incredible.  did you cum multiple times or what was happening.  he said he only came once but its something he learned to do with his cock even after cumming.  hot. 

we lie around a bit just resting, however i need to go so we clean up and part ways with a quick kiss. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

disappointing fuck

dude hits me up on one of the sites.  his profile says he is 45 years old.  however in his pics he looks barely into his 20's.  Japanese guy.  i message him back and say there is no way you are 45 years old.  though i'm also thinking there is no way those pics are current.  however, i know alot of people of color look way younger than their age...  case in point myself transness aside.  we bond over getting carded regularly at bars and even at times for cigarettes.  i'm still a little suspicious about the pics but we keep chatting.  he's interesting.  i've found that older guys often have lots of interesting stories and he seems interesting.  he has strong racial politics which is also a major plus.

he has never done a trans guy, in fact he has only been with non trans guys his entire life.  he states he is not sure about how he will react but thinks i'm majorly hot.  we get into a pattern of sending at least daily messages to each other discussing a wide range of topics from what we want to do sexually to gentrification.

after about a week or so of this he mentions getting together to explore my body i.e. fuck.  we decide to arrange a date however i'm feeling conflicted.  on one hand he seems like a real interesting guy and his pics are cute and he said he prefers a slow sensual fuck and right now i mostly have rough dom types.  on the other i have a feeling his pics are inaccurate and he is not gonna by attractive to me.  i also have this feeling that maybe his pics are very, very old and he will not look anything like his pics.  don't get me wrong i get majorly into a hot daddy but i'm unsure if this dude is that.  however, i decide to just go for it mostly cuz i find him interesting, i tell him to meet me at a coffee shop near my place so i can feel it out.

we meet up one week night evening.  he shows up and he doesn't look like his pics.  however he's cute in a round, brown boi kind of way that i find very attractive.  we chat some and then i ask if he wants to go back to my place.  he says sure.  we get back to my apartment and resume chatting on my couch.  now i'm realizing maybe he's not so attractive to me.  the coffee shop lighting was a bit dim....  he also is not really as interesting in person.  we chat for a while, random usual prefuck chat, nothing inspiring.  I'm feeling disappointed as he was so interesting via email....

he seems like he could keep on chatting all night so i realize i'm gonna have to make the first move.  i ask if he wants to go to the bedroom.  he says ok and we head to my room.  this is when things start going even more down hill.  we strip and i realize he really is even less attractive to me without his clothes on.  however, i hold out for that sensual fuck he described. 

we fuck.  its not short, but not long and just not that great.  the whole slow sensual fuck he described to me is no where near what happens.  basically i ride him til i cum then he cums soon after.  nothing sensual about that.  after we are done i decide i want him to leave though its clear he wouldn't mind staying and chatting.  i toss him a towel and ask if he wants to clean off.   he cleans up, i thank him for coming over and show him out. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

you can't make this stuff up...

sometimes what happens on a hook up is almost too much to be believed.  this guy and i had been messaging on and off for a while.  tall, white, dark featured guy.  older.  a runner. 

we finally arrange to meet up and i kid you not, this is what happened.  dude show's up. he's a little less toned than in his pics, but whatever doesn't matter all that much to me.  he's a talker.  kind of talk's non stop.  he's a magician by trade.  interesting.  he has been doing it for a really long time.  he says he wants to show me a clip from one of his shows.  we watch it for a bit.  he is pretty good.  this is all fine. 

we are sitting side by side on my bed continuing to chat.  then he tells me how he's learning hypnotism.  interesting.  he says the first thing you learn is self hypnotism.  i say are you serious - what's that.  he says let me show you.  then dude, i almost can't write this, seriously fucking closes his eyes, sits with his palms up on each knee like he's meditating and says "i am powerful" or some shit like that and then just sits there with his eyes closed.  after about a minute or so during which i am really questioning how i allowed this person into my bedroom, he says the same phrase he started with "i am powerful" or whatever and all of a sudden open's his eyes.  They he says "see, that's how it works".

at this point i'm really unsure about all this, i mean perhaps self hypnotism really does exist, but why would you choose to do it on a hook up, then he leans in and plays with my nipples.  this is an immediate turn on for me and the ridiculousness of the last few minutes somehow leaves my mind.  we fuck, its good, not amazing or worth going into too much detail about, but soon after we are done i show him to the door.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

lessons learned - anal cleansing

i've been doing alot more anal these days.  just a mood i've been in.  i choose the dudes i do anal with carefully though.  i prefer a cock that is medium to long in length but not thick.  i mean i've been ass fucked by quite sizable and thick members before and had a lot of fun with it, but i can often only go so long.  

the rest of this post may be tmi for some so please skip it if needed.

the other thing about anal for me is that i have an issue with feces.  its just not my thing.  no judgement for those into it, its just not what turns me on.  even though all the guys who fuck my ass don't care how 'clean' i am and if there's some mess which there is apt to be with anal fucking it doesn't bother them.  however it bothers me, which means i can't relax and just have fun with it.  clearly my issue.  i know that some mess is par for the course with anal fucking and there is nothing wrong with it.  again all my issue.

but i like to get fucked in the ass now and again and i like it to be fun for me.  this had led me to get into anal cleansing/douching.  i understand that it increases risk of hiv/stds to douche before sex but except for with one special person (with whom I have an agreement and arrangement) I use condoms and lots of lube. 

this all led me to purchase my first anal douche.  i went for the low budget model as that is my current situation plus who knew if i would be into it or not.  the thing is it comes with very little instructions so i did some reading on the internet and generally got a sense of what needs to happen.  i just use warm water.  i know there are solutions and mixtures but those seem to come with more possible negative consequences.

the very first time i tried it i didn't use lube.  maybe its just the way my ass works but i could not get the nozzle in and quickly realized i needed to lube it up just a little and then it slid in just fine.

however then another challenge arose.

the first few times it was really hard for me to squeeze that water into my ass.  like i would have to really strain and squeeze the bulb of water really hard.  even then it could only get about half of it in.  however it generally seemed to do the trick.  though i noticed sometimes i would be totally clean and other times not.  after maybe the 3rd or 4th time i realized what i was doing wrong.  basically i think i was inserting the nozzle (for lack of a better word) so far that it was blocked by whatever part of my inner lining it stopped at.  if i pushed it in then pulled it out just a little i was able to get all of the water in with no problem with much better results.

great.  seemed like i was getting the hang of it.  however, in my effort to be clean one time i over did it.  lets just say i did one more bulb of water than i should have and didn't properly evacuate.  luckily when i felt a weird gurgling in my lower region i was alone at that point and able to make it to the bathroom just in time.   

after all this i think i've pretty much got it down now i.e. how to get the water in my ass and how to make sure it all comes out.  feel free to share tips if you'all have them : )