Saturday, June 9, 2012

lessons learned - anal cleansing

i've been doing alot more anal these days.  just a mood i've been in.  i choose the dudes i do anal with carefully though.  i prefer a cock that is medium to long in length but not thick.  i mean i've been ass fucked by quite sizable and thick members before and had a lot of fun with it, but i can often only go so long.  

the rest of this post may be tmi for some so please skip it if needed.

the other thing about anal for me is that i have an issue with feces.  its just not my thing.  no judgement for those into it, its just not what turns me on.  even though all the guys who fuck my ass don't care how 'clean' i am and if there's some mess which there is apt to be with anal fucking it doesn't bother them.  however it bothers me, which means i can't relax and just have fun with it.  clearly my issue.  i know that some mess is par for the course with anal fucking and there is nothing wrong with it.  again all my issue.

but i like to get fucked in the ass now and again and i like it to be fun for me.  this had led me to get into anal cleansing/douching.  i understand that it increases risk of hiv/stds to douche before sex but except for with one special person (with whom I have an agreement and arrangement) I use condoms and lots of lube. 

this all led me to purchase my first anal douche.  i went for the low budget model as that is my current situation plus who knew if i would be into it or not.  the thing is it comes with very little instructions so i did some reading on the internet and generally got a sense of what needs to happen.  i just use warm water.  i know there are solutions and mixtures but those seem to come with more possible negative consequences.

the very first time i tried it i didn't use lube.  maybe its just the way my ass works but i could not get the nozzle in and quickly realized i needed to lube it up just a little and then it slid in just fine.

however then another challenge arose.

the first few times it was really hard for me to squeeze that water into my ass.  like i would have to really strain and squeeze the bulb of water really hard.  even then it could only get about half of it in.  however it generally seemed to do the trick.  though i noticed sometimes i would be totally clean and other times not.  after maybe the 3rd or 4th time i realized what i was doing wrong.  basically i think i was inserting the nozzle (for lack of a better word) so far that it was blocked by whatever part of my inner lining it stopped at.  if i pushed it in then pulled it out just a little i was able to get all of the water in with no problem with much better results.

great.  seemed like i was getting the hang of it.  however, in my effort to be clean one time i over did it.  lets just say i did one more bulb of water than i should have and didn't properly evacuate.  luckily when i felt a weird gurgling in my lower region i was alone at that point and able to make it to the bathroom just in time.   

after all this i think i've pretty much got it down now i.e. how to get the water in my ass and how to make sure it all comes out.  feel free to share tips if you'all have them : )

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