Sunday, June 17, 2012

you can't make this stuff up...

sometimes what happens on a hook up is almost too much to be believed.  this guy and i had been messaging on and off for a while.  tall, white, dark featured guy.  older.  a runner. 

we finally arrange to meet up and i kid you not, this is what happened.  dude show's up. he's a little less toned than in his pics, but whatever doesn't matter all that much to me.  he's a talker.  kind of talk's non stop.  he's a magician by trade.  interesting.  he has been doing it for a really long time.  he says he wants to show me a clip from one of his shows.  we watch it for a bit.  he is pretty good.  this is all fine. 

we are sitting side by side on my bed continuing to chat.  then he tells me how he's learning hypnotism.  interesting.  he says the first thing you learn is self hypnotism.  i say are you serious - what's that.  he says let me show you.  then dude, i almost can't write this, seriously fucking closes his eyes, sits with his palms up on each knee like he's meditating and says "i am powerful" or some shit like that and then just sits there with his eyes closed.  after about a minute or so during which i am really questioning how i allowed this person into my bedroom, he says the same phrase he started with "i am powerful" or whatever and all of a sudden open's his eyes.  They he says "see, that's how it works".

at this point i'm really unsure about all this, i mean perhaps self hypnotism really does exist, but why would you choose to do it on a hook up, then he leans in and plays with my nipples.  this is an immediate turn on for me and the ridiculousness of the last few minutes somehow leaves my mind.  we fuck, its good, not amazing or worth going into too much detail about, but soon after we are done i show him to the door.

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