Monday, October 29, 2012

just a good fuck

dude had hit me up on line the day before but i wasn't free.  twink of color.  twinks are usually not my type but he has a huge cock and that's what i happen to be looking for at the moment.  he has never been with a trans guy before.  we arrange to meet up.  he is mad late which is annoying.  he shows up and he is actually not twinkish at all.  big tall corn fed type.  not skinny, not muscular, not big or bearish.  very hot.  very much my type.  he's also incredibly smooth which i'm starting to realize is my preference.

we chat a bit over a beer then get to it.  we kiss our clothes still on. he's a good kisser.  i pull off his shirt and take of mine.  we kiss and grind just feeling each other's bodies.  i kneel down between his legs and unbutton his jeans pulling out his sizable cock.  i put him in my mouth and blow him.  he's big but for some reason i'm able to deep throat him which is very hot.  usually i can only deep throat with smaller guys.

i pull back and take of his jeans.  i strip and lie back on the bed.  he sucks my nipples and plays with my clit. then he spreads my legs and kneels down between them.  i feel his tongue on my clit, stroking it, then i feel his tongue inside me, as he licks the full length of me.  he seems like he could do this for a while but i can only take so much.  i stop him and push him onto his back.

i blow him a bit but he's fully hard and clearly ready.  i grab a condom (magnum xl) slip it on him, lube him up and put his tip to my hole.  i take it slow as he is big.  easing him into me until i can take the full length then i ride him.  as i ride him he moans and say my name.  hot.

so this was a very long session - it lasted 2 and half hours thus i can only give highlights.

he is kneeling between my legs, stroking me slow and steady, i can feel an orgasm building, nothing is touching my clit, the size of his cock and the angle of his fuck are making me cum.  he keeps stroking me as my body starts to tighten, i moan and grab his arms, his cock plunging in and out of me, so thick its stimulating my clit, i have never cum like this before, i throw my head back my eyes closed and cum hard

he is in a seated position and i'm riding him.  i'm fucking the full length of him, slamming my body onto his cock hard and fast and he's raising his hips to meet me.  its hard and loud and the bed threatens to break as we fuck each other.

he turns me over onto my hands and knees.  pushes the head of his cock into me.  slowly just the head at first.  then he begins stroking me slow i look back see him watching his cock slide in and out of me sometimes just the tip other times giving me his full length.  like he's exploring different ways to fill me.

we literally fucked for about 2 and a half hours non stop. towards the end i told him i couldn't do anymore.  he stripped off the condom and i blew him a bit then he jerked off,  stroking himself while playing with my clit.  blows his load on my chest.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

a daddy fuck

it was about 11pm.  i had just gotten home after a party which i left early.  i was feeling a bit down.  not a good reason to go on a hook up but it is what it is.  i know that sometimes i use hookups as an escape mechanism.  gotta write a piece about that.

i get on the sites and immediately this guy who i had chatted with before hit me up.  he has a nice body lots of tats which i'm into but is only somewhat attractive to me.  however he lives a few blocks away so i decide to go for it.

i grab my supplies and a few beers and head over to his place.  he is older than he looks in his pics still only somewhat attractive to me.  he has this old, latin daddy thug type thing going though that is a bit of a turn on.  we open the beers.  i take a drink and he pulls me towards him.  starts kissing me and feeling my body.  i put the beer down.  no prefuck chat needed here.  he says you are so hot.  you look just like a little boy.  he unbuttons his khakis.  i kneel down.  he says 'suck daddy's cock boy'.  i take him into my mouth.  he is already hard.  sizable and uncut.  i go at him.  he grabs my head with his hands guiding my strokes.  i try to deep throat him but he's too big.

i pull back and go to my bag for condoms and lube.  i slip a condom on him and lube him up.  he bends me over his couch, spreads my legs and pushes into me.  i slow him down as he is big and i need to get used to him.  when i'm ready i push back hard and he starts to pound me.  hands on my hips fucking me hard his balls smacking into my clit as he fucks me.  this goes on for quite sometime, hard, rough fucking.  then i stop him and lie back on his couch.  he mounts me slides his dick into me  and pounds his hips between my legs.  he says 'you like daddy's cock boy?'  as he's fucking me.

then he turns me over onto my stomach and push his cock into me from behind.  grinding into me, my face smashed into his couch, he plays with my clit as he fucks me and i cum hard.

i pull him down onto the couch and get on top of him.  i slide down his cock and ride him.  i tighten around his cock on each upward stroke.  he moans 'yeah boy'.  i fuck him hard and fast til he cums, shooting a huge load inside me.

i slip off him, ask to use his bathroom, pee, dress, grab my stuff, thank him and kiss him goodbye.  he tells me to text him so he know's i got home ok.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


i've been going through a bit of a hookup slump.  the kind of slump where i'm just not sure what i'm looking for alot of the time.  case in point this friday nite.  i am an introvert.  this means that i need to make sure i have an adequate amount of alone time.  the last few weeks were full of alot of socializing  as a result i had not had enough alone time and was very grouchy.  friday nite i had no plans except to spend time with myself.  however at some point i started to feel a bit horny.  like i wanted to do a hookup.

i had not done one in a very long time, at least a few weeks.  i pondered hitting up one of my regulars but i was not feeling like anything long or involved.  all my regulars right now are not short fucks.  they are nice guys and we often chat a bit before they proceed to fuck me for hours.  so i got on the sites to see what was happening.  again i just was not sure what i wanted and was also having a very slow nite.  after not many hits and none of them interesting i called it a nite.

the next day i decided to post an ad on craigs list which i have not done in a very very long time.  CL just tends to feel like more work than the sites and i am lazy.  in my ad i said i wanted something short and sweet.  fuck me then leave.  that's it.  surprisingly right away i got a good number of interesting responses.  in the past this has never happened to me before.

a thick well endowed tatted and muscled dude, a clean cut young guy, a 'straight' guy, and a scruffy type were my top choices.  as usual my indecisiveness kicked in and i couldn't decide which one i wanted to do.  i decided to go with the first one who hit me up - the thick well endowed tatted dude for no real reason except that he hit me up first -lol.

we arranged a meet up for the afternoon.  dude came over and was cute and muscled like his pics and definitely well endowed.  he fucked me for a bit but then he couldn't keep it up.  instead he sucked me off and finger fucked me then i blew him.  all good but i was really looking for a fuck...

dude left and i was still horny.  i had been chatting with someone that morning on one of the sites who lives a block away.  however i had not pursued it as i already was having trouble making a decision.  but now i'm horny and frustrated.  i get on line and he's there.  small, skinny, young asian guy.  i'm not usually into younger nor into ultra skinny however he is a block away and i'm horny.  we start chatting, he says he's gotta head out soon, so we decide on a quicky and he heads over.  only thing is that he's never done a trans guys before wants to but is nervous/unsure.  so this could go either way.

he's there in five minutes, cuter that his pics.  we chat a bit and then start making out.  we're kissing and grinding. he's on top of me and i can feel his hard on through his jeans.  its very hot.  we have surprising sexual chemistry like i have not had with someone in a while.  yuh know when you both are just into each other's bodies, each other's vibe.  we strip and make out some more then we look at each other and grin.  which thinking back on it is kind of funny, we're both looking at each other naked with silly grins on our faces - we just couldn't help it.

i blow him for a bit, he's got a nice average size cock, i like a wide range of cock sizes.  he plays with my nipples while i blow him.  i grab a condom slip it on and ride him.  we're both moaning our bodies grinding.  again we look at each other and grin...  he flips me over and fucks me missionary style which is my fav.  i raise my hips to meet each stroke and he moans.  he pulls back, puts my legs on his shoulders and fucks me fast and hard.  i pull him back on top of me, grab his ass and raise my hips fucking him til i cum.

then he turns me over on my hands and knees and fucks me doggy.  fast strokes our bodies smacking against each other.  he says i'm gonna make him cum.  i say go right ahead man.  he fucks faster and moans as he shoots inside me.

we both collapse on the bed.  he rolls off me and we both turn to each other and grin.  we chat a bit but i know he's gotta go.  as he's leaving we do the usual lets do it again maybe chat and laugh as we realize we have not even exchanged names.