Tuesday, October 16, 2012


i've been going through a bit of a hookup slump.  the kind of slump where i'm just not sure what i'm looking for alot of the time.  case in point this friday nite.  i am an introvert.  this means that i need to make sure i have an adequate amount of alone time.  the last few weeks were full of alot of socializing  as a result i had not had enough alone time and was very grouchy.  friday nite i had no plans except to spend time with myself.  however at some point i started to feel a bit horny.  like i wanted to do a hookup.

i had not done one in a very long time, at least a few weeks.  i pondered hitting up one of my regulars but i was not feeling like anything long or involved.  all my regulars right now are not short fucks.  they are nice guys and we often chat a bit before they proceed to fuck me for hours.  so i got on the sites to see what was happening.  again i just was not sure what i wanted and was also having a very slow nite.  after not many hits and none of them interesting i called it a nite.

the next day i decided to post an ad on craigs list which i have not done in a very very long time.  CL just tends to feel like more work than the sites and i am lazy.  in my ad i said i wanted something short and sweet.  fuck me then leave.  that's it.  surprisingly right away i got a good number of interesting responses.  in the past this has never happened to me before.

a thick well endowed tatted and muscled dude, a clean cut young guy, a 'straight' guy, and a scruffy type were my top choices.  as usual my indecisiveness kicked in and i couldn't decide which one i wanted to do.  i decided to go with the first one who hit me up - the thick well endowed tatted dude for no real reason except that he hit me up first -lol.

we arranged a meet up for the afternoon.  dude came over and was cute and muscled like his pics and definitely well endowed.  he fucked me for a bit but then he couldn't keep it up.  instead he sucked me off and finger fucked me then i blew him.  all good but i was really looking for a fuck...

dude left and i was still horny.  i had been chatting with someone that morning on one of the sites who lives a block away.  however i had not pursued it as i already was having trouble making a decision.  but now i'm horny and frustrated.  i get on line and he's there.  small, skinny, young asian guy.  i'm not usually into younger nor into ultra skinny however he is a block away and i'm horny.  we start chatting, he says he's gotta head out soon, so we decide on a quicky and he heads over.  only thing is that he's never done a trans guys before wants to but is nervous/unsure.  so this could go either way.

he's there in five minutes, cuter that his pics.  we chat a bit and then start making out.  we're kissing and grinding. he's on top of me and i can feel his hard on through his jeans.  its very hot.  we have surprising sexual chemistry like i have not had with someone in a while.  yuh know when you both are just into each other's bodies, each other's vibe.  we strip and make out some more then we look at each other and grin.  which thinking back on it is kind of funny, we're both looking at each other naked with silly grins on our faces - we just couldn't help it.

i blow him for a bit, he's got a nice average size cock, i like a wide range of cock sizes.  he plays with my nipples while i blow him.  i grab a condom slip it on and ride him.  we're both moaning our bodies grinding.  again we look at each other and grin...  he flips me over and fucks me missionary style which is my fav.  i raise my hips to meet each stroke and he moans.  he pulls back, puts my legs on his shoulders and fucks me fast and hard.  i pull him back on top of me, grab his ass and raise my hips fucking him til i cum.

then he turns me over on my hands and knees and fucks me doggy.  fast strokes our bodies smacking against each other.  he says i'm gonna make him cum.  i say go right ahead man.  he fucks faster and moans as he shoots inside me.

we both collapse on the bed.  he rolls off me and we both turn to each other and grin.  we chat a bit but i know he's gotta go.  as he's leaving we do the usual lets do it again maybe chat and laugh as we realize we have not even exchanged names.

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