Monday, August 27, 2012

i couldn't get it in

this has never happened to me before.  i just did this hook up and i couldn't get it in.  i've done some big dudes before - the giant cock, Mr Thick, to name a few.  however i've never come across one that i really could not get in at all.

on a side note, i used to think that i knew my limits for example, there is one dude i had been chatting with who is fourteen inches and i don't think he is exaggerating.  i was gonna give it a go however i found out he was also thicker than a beer can so i got scared and didn't pursue it.

however with this dude we had been chatting on and off for some time but our schedules had not lined up, i knew he was a good size but really had no idea...

one morning i unexpectedly had the day off work and i woke up extra horny.  i got online to see what i could make happen.  i had a few dudes pending when this guy hit me up.  dark skinned skinny guy and he was ready to come over right away so i said yeah lets make it happen.

dude came over.  not a talker at all.  i'm used to a little pre fuck chat but he barely said two words.  no problem on my end.  i just want to get fucked.  he lies back on the bed and i run my hand up his thigh.  i feel his sizable cock through his jeans.  he is not even hard yet.  we kiss and make out some.  i pull of his shirt and unbutton his fly.  he pulls off his jeans and i realize he is huge.  long and ridiculously thick.    i suck him off the best i can which is not that great so i kind of give up.

then i try to slip a magnum on him.  i feel bad as i do it as it just looks like its squeezing his dick in a way that must be incredible painful.  however again he doesn't say anything. i push him onto his back and i try to get him into me but i can't.  this has never happened before.

he turns me over so i'm on my hand and knees and he fucks me for a bit, just the tip, that's all he can get in and even that is actually painful.  finally we give up.

i lie back and he finger fucks me, then he says he wants to taste me and blows me til i cum.  he however has not cum.  i suck him off some but i know i'm not doing it as i can barely wrap my mouth around him and i can only go so long...  i jerk him off some instead for a bit but then he says its ok he has to go anyways.  i don't take it personally figure if he wanted to cum he could always jerk himself off.

damn first cock i couldn't do...