Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Thick

So I was supposed to meet up with one of my favs, a regular, but he is very flaky, I put up with it cuz I really like him, so of course around 7pm he texts me to say that an emergency came up and he probably can’t do it. In the mean time I’ve received three texts one from a new fav, one from a new potential that I’ve been trying to schedule, and another from a recent hook up that I’ve been trying to do again cuz he is unbelievably thick.

So I debate, do i do the new hookup which could suck or Mr Thick who I know will be good (not gonna hook up with the new fav as I just hooked up with him yesterday). I go with my third text – Mr Thick.

So I’ve hooked up with this guy before, I call him Mr. Thick because he is unbelievably thick. OK looking guy, Italian, short but very built, clearly used to be very muscular now more stocky, only thing is he’s very hairy, which is not so much my thing. However, as I said before he is very, very thick.

He lives alone, very fancy apartment in a very fancy apartment building, the first time we hooked up he fucked me three, maybe four times. Very hot. So its around 9pm and I head over. Get to his place and we exchange how are you’s and then get to fucking. He’s a good kisser, we kiss for a while and he plays with my nipples through my shirt which always gets me hard. We strip down and kiss and grind some more. I start sucking him off, he is very big and hard, so its difficult for me, i mean to give you an idea of his size imagine a soda can - he is at least that thick maybe more - and a good length as well.

then he puts me on my back, I ask him if he has condoms, he grabs one and slips it over his dick. I grab my lube and lather us both up. He starts to push inside me, I ask him to go slow at first, which he does, it hurts due to his size but in a good way.

He fucks me for a while, stroking me missionary style slowly letting my cunt get used to his cock, until i want more and start to fuck him back slamming my cunt against his cock, then he starts to fuck me hard flipping me onto my hands and knees and fucking me from behind pounding me - quick hard strokes that seem to go on forever. He stops to catch his breath and i push him onto his back, i slide back onto his cock and ride him slowly just enjoying the feeling then faster until i can't take it anymore and i feel myself starting to cum, but he keeps pushing into me stroking his hips up into my cunt as i clutch his chest and cum hard. then he pushes me onto my back, throws my legs over his shoulders and fucks me hard and fast until he shoots into me.

Afterwards as we’re sprawled across his bed he starts stroking his cock again, based on last time I figure we are gonna fuck some more, so I help him out and suck him off some, its takes him sometime to get hard again which I don’t care about, i ask him to put on a condom and we fuck again for a bit, but he can’t stay hard. This is when it starts to be less hot. I would say for the next hour he trys to get hard again but can’t stay hard, we try to fuck again but he can’t keep it up – I of course get fleeting thoughts of is it me…. But I know enough to squelch that ridiculousness...

I keep saying that its cool, we don’t have to fuck again, once is cool, etc. especially cuz it really was the first fuck was incredibly hot and I’m very good. however he is determined….. so an hour later, I’m a little sexually frustrated, really I don’t care if we don’t fuck again, really, but him jerking off, even unsuccessfully has me going again. Anyways, he apologizes profusely and I keep saying not to worry about it. I ask him if he minds if I jerk off, he kisses me and strokes my nipples while I jerk off.

Then I rinse off, grab my shit and head out the door. He keeps apologizing. I feel bad for him so I send him a text thanking him again and saying not to worry about it. Of course he doesn’t text back and I never hear from him again.... non trans guys can be so ridiculous about their dicks.

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