Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Bring Your Strap"

"I'm FTM friendly," was the last sentence in his profile, which I read after he'd hit me up a couple times. He unlocked his private pics.
His eyes. I noticed them first. Liquid brown. Then I noticed his ass.
"Nice ass," I messaged back.
We went back and forth for a bit. His boyfriend was away for a couple of hours, so he could host, which worked perfectly for me.
"I'm pretty verse, but today I just wanna get fucked," he replied after I'd messaged that I had no interest in bottoming. He invited me over then. "Bring your strap," he added and so I did.

He was a short, bearish looking dude. Shaved head. Tanned skin. Broad shoulders and back. I could make out the contours of his belly through his hoodie. He was all gruff when he came out of his basement apartment to get me. He gave me a hand shake coupled with the shoulder grab. I followed him in. His one bedroom apartment was tiny. There was the bed, the dresser, a tv and a laptop. My eyes quickly took it all in and ended back on the bed. It looked soft.

"Let me give you the nickle cent tour," he said. The gruff demeanor had melted into something slightly jovial and mildly sensual. I felt tense like I usually do at first. This was a new one. My 2nd this week. He walked me down some stairs. The kitchen was smaller than the bedroom and the bathroom came next in the tour. I gave the obligatory "ooh" and "ah". As I turned around to head back to the bedroom, he grabbed my waist and pulled me roughly to him. My back to his front. His mouth to my neck. Teeth. Tongue. Licks. Just like that we began.

Back in his bedroom as he pulled of his hoodie he asked me to get comfortable. Curly brown hairs covered his chest. The sweat pants came off next. He sat back on the bed, looking at me as I slowly undressed. I felt shy, which was so uncharacteristic of me. Maybe it was the unexpected way he'd grabbed me earlier. Or the rough bites on my neck. I stripped and crawled onto the bed. We kissed for a while. Tongue on tongue, lips pulling on lips. I lay on top of him, his hands on my back, massaging, caressing, then they slid down to my ass. He grabbed hand fulls and I ground into his crotch. He grinned then ducking down, biting and sucking on my neck. Gently at first, then firmer.

We fondle each other for a while. I get up to put on my strap. Today I've brought Terrence, my 8 inch brown beauty. Nice large head. Veins that feel almost real running down the length of it. A good amount of thickness. I like to see my cock disappear into a dude's mouth and re-emerge wet. I climb back on and make my way over to him, kneeling by his head, my cock pushing on his lips. He parts them and I watch him suck me off loudly. The sounds fill the room. I like absolute silence when a dude is blowing me. I only want to hear the sounds of me going in and out of his mouth. This guy runs his tongue around the head, then takes most of me in. We get a good rhythm going and the sucking sounds are erotic as hell. A movement catches my eye and I notice his hand wrapped around his dick, jerking furiously. I place one hand on his forehead, gently caressing. He wraps his free hand around my ass and draws me closer, taking almost my entire cock in. From time to time, his eyes catch and hold mine.

Later, pinning his knees to his chest, I fuck him with deep, quick strokes. I'm bending over him, my face by his, tonguing and sucking on his ear. He holds onto me tightly, saying shit like "yeah boy, just like that." My lips cover his and our tongues do their thing. We moan into each other's mouth and it's all so fucking hot. He grunts and I can tell he's close. "Oh fuck," he gasps "right there." My entire cock is buried in him. One quick stroke and his face contorts and reddens. His whole body spasms underneath me. His skin gets warmer and then he comes, powerfully, in spurts I can feel hitting my stomach.

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