Monday, October 31, 2011

the italian

due to work i went two weeks without being fucked.  for me this is a very, very long time.  so finally things in my life calmed down.  during this two week period tons of new guys had hit me up of course this always happens when i can't hook up.  there were a number of interesting guys.

one was very persistent.  i've decided to call him the italian. hot in his pics.

we finally arrange to meet.  he's ok looking, not as cute as his pics, but ok.  one of those ultra masculine types.  he's bi, mostly fucks women but likes a guy now and then.  usual prefuck chat. he say's i'm not sure what to do,  should i turn down the lights?  cute.  i ask if he's nervous.  he say's no its just always hard for him to transition into sex.   i'm sitting on the bed so i motion for him to come over.

he starts kissing me.  we undress and he begins sucking my nipples (which i love) then he spreads my legs and begins tongueing my hole, stroking my clit with the tip of his tongue.  he's good.  not the best i've ever had but good.  he goes at me for a while til i decide i've had enough.  i push him off.  he lies back and i take his cock into my mouth.  i blow him for a while then grab a condom.  i guide him into me and ride him for a while.  he flips me over and strokes me missionary style.  then he pulls back and goes down on me again.  clearly this is something he loves.  we fuck like this for a while.  he fucks me then goes down on me.  fucks me then goes down on me.  its good.  not the best but good.  he says i could eat you all day.  nice

afterwards we're chatting some.  this is when i decide i like him as he's a really interesting guy.  hasn't been in the US for that long, he's an actor, performs often.  he is that stereotypical romantic italian.  which i realize i luv (who knew?).   we are talking tattoos and he tells me this story about how one of his tats represents his one true luv, this women who he has never been in a relationship with as the timing is never right, he's in a relationship, she's in a relationship, etc.  however they both know they are each others true love.  so i'm not much of a romantic but with stories like that i can't help but like the guy.

i get up to go and he asks if i want to stay for dinner, i decline as i need to head home and plus that's not something i normally do.

and then it gets even better.  he messages me afterwards to say he really enjoyed it and hopes we meet again and everyone once in a while in his messages he'll throw in a word in italian.  'bello' - handsome.  'bacio' - kiss.  

god who knew that i'm such a sucker for that kind of thing....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

trusting my instincts

when i first wrote this piece it started out like this - "my coblogger wrote a piece titled 'surprising good fuck'.  i just did this hook up and really, that's the only title that works to describe it so in order to not entirely copy his title i added the words 'more on'. "

however since then i decided to change the title from 'more on surprisingly good fucks' to 'trusting my instincts'   

this is how it started. i had the afternoon off.  i was very horny and really wanted a hook up.  however, i was feeling very tired and lazy and either wanted someone to come over or i did not want to travel more than 10 minutes on my bike.  i only have a few hookups that i would consider inviting over.  i don't like to host, just not my thing.  so i hit three of them up but no bites. i then hit up two nearby regulars and one somewhat nearby new guy.  none were free.  i'm starting to feel frustrated.  i'm surfing the sites and i'm not getting any hits.  this sucks.  so much rejection in one day sucks and its starting to get me down (though i know better...)

its about 6pm or so and i've given up on getting fucked today without leaving my 10 minute or so radius (i even expanded it to 20 mins) and i am not up to travel so it means i'm not getting fucked.  when i notice a message from this dude who i have chatted with before telling me to come over.  the reason i haven't hook up with him yet is he's not so attractive to me in his pics, i mean he's ok but there is something about him that has held me back.  however as i said i'm horny as hell, i'm having no luck today, and he is local, definitely within my ten minute biking radius. 

letting all of that get the better of me i tell him i can be over soon.  i hop on my bike and it really is just a ten minute ride despite getting a little lost.  i get to his place and he is actually really attractive, my kind of sexy, he looks like he is in his late 30's, thin, tall, brown skin, long black hair, some tats, jewelry, very hot.  nice, clean place (i have a major appreciation for cleanliness).  he takes me to his room.  we don't chat much as i realize I only speak english and he mostly speaks spanish.

he starts kissing me from behind.  i turn around and we kiss long and hard.  he is a really good kisser.  he lays back on the bed and we kiss and grind.  its very hot.  i pull of my shirt and he says 'wow'.  he places his lips around one of my nipples.  plays with my nipples for a while - i luv it.  then he pulls back for a moment and says, 'can i ask - you are man to woman or woman to man?'.  clearly our language barriers may have confused the situation, so normally this would be a very unsafe moment however he's really nice and clearly into me so i say "woman to man".  he says, "oh, nice" and proceeds to suck my nipples more.

i reach down and pull off his pants.  he has a huge thick cock.  i pull off my shorts, i have a second of nervousness, worried that maybe our inability to communicate verbally might mean what i have in my pants is not what he's expecting, however its fine.  as soon as i pull them off he reaches for me and pulls me on top of him.  we kiss and grind.  i kneel down and take his cock into my mouth.  he moans as my lips wrap around his thick cock.  i go at him for a while.  then he leans down and pulls me up, turns me onto my back and sucks my clit.  he is very good.  i'm very turned on and he's hard as a rock so i grab a condom and slip it on him.  i mount him slowly as he's big.  then i ride him grinding against him til i cum hard.  he flips me over onto my back and pushes into me, he's gone a little soft so he pulls out and strokes himself while he sucks my clit.  hot.  we fuck like this for a while.  he fucks me for a bit, i suck him off, he sucks me off while stroking himself.  he seems to be having trouble staying hard, but i don't care, the fucking is really good.  we fuck like this for about an hour.

afterwards i don't even bother to clean up, i mean i'm ten minutes from home, as i am leaving we make out at his door - very hot.  i bike home with his cum still drying on my chest.  

i could kick myself.  i can't believe i waited so long to hook up with this dude, clearly i let my lookism get the better of me, and i don't know why i never learn that people rarely look like their pics.  i could have been fucking this guy for months.  really my ideal is a hot fuck bud who lives a block away but i'll settle for a ten minute bike ride.

this dude and i hooked up a few more times, maybe 2 or 3 don't remember.  but then he started to get weird.  when i would say i couldn't swing by that day he would send angry messages.  now there is really no need for all that.  so i decided that i needed to let him go.  now i've let a few repeat hookups/regulars go in the past.  one dude it was because he just stopped being fun to play with (for reasons i'll save for another piece), one dude started to get very clingy and clearly wanted more than nsa, another dude was extra flaky.  

with this dude i felt worried that an outright i'm not interested anymore will escalate him.  i mean he doesn't know where i live and he has my cell (but he only uses it when i'm coming by i think he forgets he has it and i could always change my number if needed) so there is not a whole lot he can do but still. 

so i just keep telling him i can't come over.  however this does not work and he keeps trying and one day just says 'look if you don't want to see me again just tell me'.  i decide to do just that.  i send him a message just saying, i had fun and you're a good guy but i'm not interested anymore.  he sends me a series of angry messages back which i ignore.

the next day he messages me again like nothing happened asking me to come over.  ok this is too much.  so i block him.  a minute later i get a message from a different user name on the site - i open it and its an angry message from him.  wtf.  i block that user name too.

luckily he does not have a third user name and my blocking of him succeeds in cutting off contact.  however he still checks me out on the site now and again.  creepy.  gotta trust my instincts more.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


lately i've been hooking up with a lot of queens.  in all of the gay boy sense of the word.  to be clear that is how these guys self identify, well most of them.  

so i've fucked a good number of dudes.  bi guys, 'straight guys', a few queer guys, closeted guys, heteroflexible guys and of course gay guys, however queens are a particular type of gay that i do luv.   I would even go so far as to say that queen is another gender, but that is not for me to say as i am very far from a queen, and i am a strong believer in self determination. 

after a particularly long play session i woke up one morning not in my own room (for those who follow this blog you know that its rare that i stay the nite).  However this was a long late hook up involving public make out/groping sessions, balcony sex, and lots and lots of vodka or rum (to be honest i'm not quite sure), so it was easier to just crash.  i'm slowly coming to full consciousness and i start to gaze around the room which i didn't really see last nite as the lights were out and i was also focused elsewhere...

the first thing i see is a huge poster that says "queen" with a gorgeous person on it in full regalia, next to it on top of the dresser is a huge fuchsia feather headdress sitting on one of those mannequin heads and next to that is a Bette Midler doll still in its box on display.  As my eyes drift around i realize my hook up has a collection of Bette Midler dolls.  I almost laugh out loud however the hookup is right next to me and i don't want to disturb his beauty sleep, i believe i may be in one of the gayest rooms i've ever been in.  

the fact that i've been playing with alot of queens lately was not intentional, it just happened, actually it just recently dawned on me this queen trend i have going. 
so this may seem ridiculous to some but how i realized my queen trend is because i have very little fashion sense.  its not something i follow and i was not one of those people born with inherent style.  i put little thought into the clothes i wear on a daily basis.  what i've come to realize is that this is pretty unacceptable when in the company of a serious queen. 

this one queen i've been fucking pretty regularly.  as a result, i'm even more relaxed.  you like me, i like you, eventually all the clothes are gonna come off, what does it really matter what i have on.  so one nite we meet up and i'm extra extra casual, tank top and old ripped stained sweatshorts, he show's up in polished leather boots, a white button up, suit jacket with a silk red handkerchief folded carefully in its pocket.    now he's a brand of queen that actually would not say anything about what i'm wearing however, i think note to self, next time at least wear shorts that don't have a big stain on them....

this other queen that i've been playing with is the kind of queen who will let you know right away what's wrong with what you're wearing.  the last time we hooked up he said, 'honey, you are dressed like either a lesbian or a fat trucker' - in addition to the sizeism and sexism, some would take offense to having their outfits critiqued.  i however totally acknowledge my lack of fashion sense thus highly appreciate any feedback i receive.   

i'm not saying that i'm gonna change how i dress to suit my hookups, however being in the presence of high queens so often these days i do feel the need to at least up my sense of fashion, at least a bit, well or at least wear clothes without stains.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

the giant cock

i don't really know where to start about this hookup.  this guy and i had messaged some earlier that day.  it was friday night and i was just relaxing at home kind of looking for a hook up but also very content to just stay at home and chill after a long week.  i was chatting with a couple of guys on line and also a regular or two via text.

dude is ok looking in his pics.  like it could go either way.  however this is how he gets me.  i'm the kind of guy who likes variety.  sometimes i like a rough dom/sub fuck other times i like a slow sensual screw.  lately i have a good number of rough types and i don't have any sensual (i used to have a sensual fav but no longer...).  dude says he's a sensual kind of guy.  so this gets me.  its kind of late and i could easily stay home but i decide to go for it. 

i get to his place. nice place, but messy, bordering on needing to be cleaned (as folks who follow this blog know i have a thing for clean apartments).  he's ok looking, to be really honest i can't remember what he looks like, kind of hippyish white guy, can't remember his face at all for reasons you are soon to find out.  we chat a bit then start to kiss and make out.  its very slow and sensual... perfect.

we both strip and that's when i see his cock.  its gigantic.  i luv a thick cock - however this dude is gigantic no other word to describe it.  he didn't have a cock pic in his profile nor did his profile mention his size so i'm a bit shocked.  i bend down to blow him and i can barely get my mouth around it (no joke or exaggeration).  i try to suck him off but really i'm just sucking the head, its all i can do.

i know that my cunt will be able to do better (at least i hope it will) i reach for my condom supply and pull out a magnum XL.  he smiles and says great i have some of those too.  however when he puts it on it is clearly too small, like the magnum XL is squeezing his poor cock.  i say this to him and he says yeah, the only condom that fits him actually is this pricey japanese brand so he makes do with these.

i push him onto his back cuz i'm clear i'm gonna need to take my time.  i guide him into me a bit at a time, taking it slow, it hurts he's so big.  then he's all the way up in me.  and it hurts but i really want it.  then my cunt opens up to him and he's stroking me, its pain and pleasure at the same time, my cunt expands more to take his cock and now he's stroking me hard and i'm loving it.  we fuck for a while no where near how long i can usually go but now its really just starting to be painful.  i stop him and he pulls out and begins sucking me off.  he blows me for a bit, i blow him the best i can.  he asks if we can fuck again i say i just can't i'm sorry he's cool with it.  he lies me on my back and spreads my legs.  he begins fingering my cunt, i move his finger up so he's stroking my clit.  then he begins jerking me off.  he watches as his fingers stroke my clit, he seems fascinated, just gazes intently as i moan.  he strokes me until i cum hard, one of those eyes in the back of the head kind of cummings.

then we lay back and rest.  i believe at some point we both dozed off.  i woke up to feel his fingers tweaking my nipples and his hard cock rubbing against my ass.  i moan and grind back.  he still has not cum so i grab some lube and jerk him off.  he's hard as a rock and i wish i could fuck him more but i know that i'm already sore as hell.  i hand job him for a while, my hand looks so tiny around his cock.  then i kneel between his legs and suck his balls.  he reaches down and replaces my hand on his cock with his.  strokes himself while i lick at his hairy sacks til he cums - shooting all over.

we both lie back to rest.   we start chatting.  i'm his first trans guy.  he talk about how it doesn't matter, girls or guys, its all the same problem very few people can take his cock.  i feel bad for him.  i mean i'm not surprised, i don't think i've ever even seen a dildo that thick. again i am not at all exaggerating.  we cuddle and chat a bit more and i realize its 4am.  folks who follow this blog know i don't like to stay the nite so i tell him i gotta go, clean myself up and bid him farewell.