Saturday, October 8, 2011


lately i've been hooking up with a lot of queens.  in all of the gay boy sense of the word.  to be clear that is how these guys self identify, well most of them.  

so i've fucked a good number of dudes.  bi guys, 'straight guys', a few queer guys, closeted guys, heteroflexible guys and of course gay guys, however queens are a particular type of gay that i do luv.   I would even go so far as to say that queen is another gender, but that is not for me to say as i am very far from a queen, and i am a strong believer in self determination. 

after a particularly long play session i woke up one morning not in my own room (for those who follow this blog you know that its rare that i stay the nite).  However this was a long late hook up involving public make out/groping sessions, balcony sex, and lots and lots of vodka or rum (to be honest i'm not quite sure), so it was easier to just crash.  i'm slowly coming to full consciousness and i start to gaze around the room which i didn't really see last nite as the lights were out and i was also focused elsewhere...

the first thing i see is a huge poster that says "queen" with a gorgeous person on it in full regalia, next to it on top of the dresser is a huge fuchsia feather headdress sitting on one of those mannequin heads and next to that is a Bette Midler doll still in its box on display.  As my eyes drift around i realize my hook up has a collection of Bette Midler dolls.  I almost laugh out loud however the hookup is right next to me and i don't want to disturb his beauty sleep, i believe i may be in one of the gayest rooms i've ever been in.  

the fact that i've been playing with alot of queens lately was not intentional, it just happened, actually it just recently dawned on me this queen trend i have going. 
so this may seem ridiculous to some but how i realized my queen trend is because i have very little fashion sense.  its not something i follow and i was not one of those people born with inherent style.  i put little thought into the clothes i wear on a daily basis.  what i've come to realize is that this is pretty unacceptable when in the company of a serious queen. 

this one queen i've been fucking pretty regularly.  as a result, i'm even more relaxed.  you like me, i like you, eventually all the clothes are gonna come off, what does it really matter what i have on.  so one nite we meet up and i'm extra extra casual, tank top and old ripped stained sweatshorts, he show's up in polished leather boots, a white button up, suit jacket with a silk red handkerchief folded carefully in its pocket.    now he's a brand of queen that actually would not say anything about what i'm wearing however, i think note to self, next time at least wear shorts that don't have a big stain on them....

this other queen that i've been playing with is the kind of queen who will let you know right away what's wrong with what you're wearing.  the last time we hooked up he said, 'honey, you are dressed like either a lesbian or a fat trucker' - in addition to the sizeism and sexism, some would take offense to having their outfits critiqued.  i however totally acknowledge my lack of fashion sense thus highly appreciate any feedback i receive.   

i'm not saying that i'm gonna change how i dress to suit my hookups, however being in the presence of high queens so often these days i do feel the need to at least up my sense of fashion, at least a bit, well or at least wear clothes without stains.

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