Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the threesome

i have this regular i've been doing every once in a while.  cute, total top, gay guy of color - really into trans guys meaning he seeks us out.  some would call him a chaser but the use of that term warrants discussion and i actually just want to write about sex right now.

this regular hit me up recently and said he has a friend who wants to watch us fuck.  now this sounds very hot.  he calls him 'his bottom' and he sends me a pic of this guy, he is very cute in a skinny brown boy kind of way.  I am picturing this boy sitting on my couch stroking his cock while he watches us fuck.  hot as hell.  the regular says his bottom has never done pussy before but is really curious and may just watch but may join.  all good by me.

it takes a bit to arrange but one night they both come over.  i offer them beers and we get right to it.  my regular and i start kissing, he says he is nervous for some reason, which we both laugh about.  his bottom boy joins right in.  we are standing kissing and feeling each others bodies.  we all strip and i kneel between the two of them alternating sucking both their cocks while they play with my nipples.  bottom boy then kneels down as well and we alternate kissing each other and sucking my regular's cock.

we move to my bedroom.  i lie back and my regular begins sucking me off.  bottom boy drops his cock into my mouth and i blow him.  then they switch places i suck my regular's cock while bottom boy blows me.  i grab condoms.  my regular moves between my legs and pushes into me.  i sit up so i can suck his boy's cock while he fucks me.  this goes on for a while then my regular asks bottom boy if he wants to fuck me.  he nods.

my regular slips his cock out of me and they switch places.  bottom boy pushes into me and fucks me for a bit but can't stay hard so they switch again.  my regular is pounding between my legs, fucking me missionary, hard fast strokes and bottom boy is standing over us watching - stroking his cock - saying 'so hot'.

my regular says he is getting close.  i stop him and say 'wait i want you to fuck him'.  he stops and says, 'yeah?'.  i nod.  he pulls out of me his cock hard as hell.  he switches condoms and motions bottom boy over.  he positions him on his knees but so bottom boy's head is between my legs.  'suck his pussy' my regular says as he pushes into the boy from behind. i moan as bottom boy sucks at my clit while his ass gets pounded.  my regular is stroking his boy hard and fast and then cums with a loud groan collapsing on top of him, bottom boy's face between my thighs.