Friday, December 23, 2011

drunken fucking

i've been known to have a beer or two in the process of a hook up.  i enjoy having a bit of a buzz while fucking.  i've also been known to get more than buzzed with some of my regulars, not often but every now and then, not quite drunk of my ass but definitely beyond buzzed.  this is something i only do with a regular.  i like to have my wits about me on a first hook up.  however, i just did this hook up and got totally hammered to the point where the details of the night are a bit blurry.  clearly this was not the wisest decision on my part and i am fortunate that the hook up was a good guy. 

this is how it went.  we had been chatting for sometime now.  cute guy.  usual chat, nothing special, hiv/std status, how we like to fuck, when we're usually free, etc.  we finally arranged to meet up at a local gay bar.  i very rarely meet my hook ups in public.  what's the point.  we both know what we are there for.  i'm clear that i am not looking to date i just want to fuck.  meeting for a drink or coffee is unnecessary. however i do it sometimes as i understand folks wanting to check me out before inviting me to their home.   

dude arrives.  he only somewhat looks like his pics, but he's still cute in a very faggy gay boy kind of way which i luv.  we chat some and realize that we know alot of the same people.  this never happens to me.  i've hooked up alot and there is only one other dude i've fucked where we actually run in similar worlds.  

i've finished my first drink and he buys me another.  good convo though not my usual hook up chat as we discuss what's going on in our circle of the world. i'm buzzed at this point.  we start making out at the bar.  its very hot.  i have always loved public displays of affection.  i guess i may be a bit of an exhibitionist at heart. at some point he orders a 3rd round.  we continue making out, i'm playing with his cock through his jeans, we are all over each other, oblivious to the rest of the bar.  its quite possible that there may have been a 4th round it gets a little blurry at this point.  we left the bar and walked/stumbled to his place.  we definitely got some stares which could've been cuz we were clearly plastered or cuz we are clearly gay - his arm around my waist and my hand on his ass....

we get to his place and he pours another drink.  he is clearly a hard core drinker.  we strip and fuck.  i vaguely remember it being good not great but good.  the details are very blurry.  i can't even remember if he came.  kind of think he didn't.  i also know that we mostly used condoms, emphasis on mostly.  he was pretty fucked up too.  at some point i must have fallen asleep, i rarely stay the night at hookups especially not a first time hookup.  woke up the next day still at his place, vague memory of him asking if i want to just stay over and me saying yes.  i have never gotten this fucked up with a hook up.  even with a regular.

i know that the fact that we know the same people made me feel very comfortable with him and i let my guard down in a way that i normally would not do.  thinking about it, i used to get a bit intoxicated at times with the other hookup i used to do who also ran in similar circles, i think there is something about the feeling of familiarity and maybe this assumption of great accountability because we run in the same worlds that makes me drop my usual guards in ways that i really don't do with any other hookups.  i know this is not smart, i run in a leftist leaning queer and trans world, and its not like this world is immune to domestic violence, sexual assault or just people being wrong. 

also i feel kind of embarassed about it all to be honest.  i believe i was a bit more plastered than he was.  i know we fucked but i can't remember how it ended, or if it ended... i have a sneaking suspicion i may have fallen asleep while we were fucking...  lol, hate thinking that i was a shitty fuck (clearly my own shit).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

an ode to dom tops

i love a dom top.  love em.

i just came back from hooking up with this dude, total dom top.  i had hooked up with him a while ago and it was very hot however we hadn't been able to make it happen again.  literally, it had been almost nine months. 

skinny, clean cut, cute looking guy, he's got some type of high power job, clearly well off, fancy place.

i get to his place, he offers me a drink, pours me some expensive looking whiskey (not my usual drink, but whatever).  we sit on the couch chat for a bit then start kissing.

he unbuttons his pants - "suck my cock boy",  his voice gets extra deep when he gives orders.  its extra hot. 

he pushes my head towards his cock.  i take him into my mouth and suck him off.  he keeps his hand on the back of my head guiding my strokes.  we move to his bedroom, we both strip, he lies back and i kneel over him taking his cock into my mouth again - "yeah boy that's what i like".

after a bit he grabs my head and pushes me onto my back.  he likes to be on top (which i luv).  he grabs a condom and pushes inside me slowly at first.  fucking me missionary.  as he fucks me he gives orders. "tighten your body boy", "go loose", "fuck me back", "do what you want", "grab your ankles", each time in that extra deep voice, its incredibly hot. 

after fucking me like that for quite a while he says, "get on your stomach boy".  i turn over and he pushes his cock into my ass.  slowly, then hard deep strokes.  i moan as he pounds me.  then he stops, pulls out, switches condoms, and repositions me.  when he moves me around he does it by palming the top of my head, kind of weird and hot at the same time.   he turns me so i'm on my back, legs hanging over the edge of the bed.  he puts my legs on his shoulders and pushes his cock into me.  hard, fast thrusts.  "i'm getting close boy" he almost growls.  he pulls out, strips of the condom and shoots a huge load of cum all over my chest.

i lie back catching my breath.  he throws me a towel saying "ok, time to go".  he is not a cuddler.  lol.  i clean up, kiss him goodbye and head out the door. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

phone - tale of a not fun fuck

dude and i had been chatting on and off for a few weeks but had not been able to arrange anything due to our schedules.  hot, sexy caramel skin dude.  hot chats about how he's gonna fuck me hard, etc. 

we finally arrange a hook up.  i get to his place and we get right to it.  he leads me to the bedroom and pulls out his cock.  he is smaller than he claimed, i'm a little annoyed just because i had been looking forward to a sizable fuck, while sometimes i admit i can be a size queen i normally don't care about a dudes cock size - as from my experience largeness of a cock does not equate to the quality of a fuck.

however i proceed and it just gets more annoying.

i suck him off for a while, then he says 'let me fuck that pussy', cool that's exactly what i want, i slip out of my pants. i ask if he has a condom, he grabs one and i mount him, i'm riding him a bit, when i realize he's gone soft. ok.....

yuh know i try to be sensitive about stuff like that, i don't want him to feel bad, i stop and ask if he wants me to suck him off some more. he says yeah, i do and he gets hard pretty fast. then the phone rings. he says i'm so sorry i gotta get this. he's on the phone for a few minutes then comes back. sorry he says.

he's still hard so i suck him off some more then we kiss and grind. the phone rings again. i'm like really - are you serious. he gets up to answer it again. comes back and we start kissing and grinding and he reaches down and starts jerking himself off until he comes.

ok, so this hook up is sucking, however i reach down to start to jerk myself off when the phone rings again. he says i'm so sorry and goes to answer it, still on the phone, he covers the mouth piece and says to me i'm really sorry but my friend is gonna be here in 20 minutes.

fucking annoying, this hook up sucks, i'm assuming he has some arrangement with a friend to call during a hook up so he has an excuse to break it off

i dress, grab my shit and bounce, still on the phone he motions that i should call him... really? are you serious?

anyways, as i'm leaving i arrange to hook up with one of my regulars in an hour. gotta get some fun out of this day.

chat buds

there's this dude that hit me up over manhunt some time ago. married guy. so i'm not into drama or dishonesty however he says that his wife know's that he likes to play around, he said its a don't ask don't tell situation - they have an agreement of sorts.

ok, sounds a little sketch to me, but we keep chatting. really hot chats. we kept tentatively arranging to actually meet and it never happens. after a while i finally clue in that this dude only wants to chat. at first i'm annoyed. then one night he IMs me. its freezing outside and i am horny as hell but can't imagine leaving the warmth of my apartment.

we start chatting.

me - sup?
chat guy (cg) - how yuh been?
me- good, busy, you?
cg - same
me - i'm horny as hell but its freezing outside
cg- me too
cg - so when we gonna meet up?
me- you tell me : )
cg - i can't wait to fuck you
me - yeah?
me - where yuh gonna fuck me at?
cg - my office
cg - i have a leather couch
cg - i will lay you back
cg - spread your legs
cg - wrap my lips around your swollen clit
cg - slide my tongue in and out of you
cg - suck u till you beg me to stop
cg - but i wont
me - nice
me - then what
cg - then i'd make u worship my cock
cg - push ur head down
me - hot
me - i'd kneel in front of you
cg - yeah
me - take ur cock in my mouth
me - slide my lips down ur length
me - deep throat yuh
me - let you fuck my throat raw
cg - tell me more
me - are you hard?
cg - yeah, rock hard, strokin it
me - me too
cg - yeah?
me - i'd let you bend me over
me - slide ur hard cock inside me
me - fuck me slow at first
me - then hard
me - pound my ass
me - make me scream, moan
me - til i beg you to stop
cg - but i wont
cg - i'll keep pounding u
cg - u can beg all u want but ur my slut
cg - i will do what i want

so you get the picture. i'm not gonna transcribe the whole thing but this is how it ended

me - i'm gonna cum
cg - yeah?
cg - cum for me
me - oh fuck, i'm close
cg - my cocks fucking you, plunging in and out of you
cg - my body rubbing your clit
me - i'm gonna cum
cg - stop
cg - not yet
me - ok
cg - stroke urself slower
cg - don't cum yet
cg - slide ur finger inside
cg - fuck urself
cg - now touch ur clit again
me - shit
me - i need to cum
cg - when i say so
cg - go slow
cg - ok now you can cum
me - fuck...

mmm, i realized i love internet jerk offs.

what's funny about this dude is we really have become chat buds.  now we swap hook up stories.  i ask him for advice, he's more experienced than i am in some ways.  i ask him if he's done things he tells me about them.  then we chat fuck and jerk off together.