Saturday, December 10, 2011

phone - tale of a not fun fuck

dude and i had been chatting on and off for a few weeks but had not been able to arrange anything due to our schedules.  hot, sexy caramel skin dude.  hot chats about how he's gonna fuck me hard, etc. 

we finally arrange a hook up.  i get to his place and we get right to it.  he leads me to the bedroom and pulls out his cock.  he is smaller than he claimed, i'm a little annoyed just because i had been looking forward to a sizable fuck, while sometimes i admit i can be a size queen i normally don't care about a dudes cock size - as from my experience largeness of a cock does not equate to the quality of a fuck.

however i proceed and it just gets more annoying.

i suck him off for a while, then he says 'let me fuck that pussy', cool that's exactly what i want, i slip out of my pants. i ask if he has a condom, he grabs one and i mount him, i'm riding him a bit, when i realize he's gone soft. ok.....

yuh know i try to be sensitive about stuff like that, i don't want him to feel bad, i stop and ask if he wants me to suck him off some more. he says yeah, i do and he gets hard pretty fast. then the phone rings. he says i'm so sorry i gotta get this. he's on the phone for a few minutes then comes back. sorry he says.

he's still hard so i suck him off some more then we kiss and grind. the phone rings again. i'm like really - are you serious. he gets up to answer it again. comes back and we start kissing and grinding and he reaches down and starts jerking himself off until he comes.

ok, so this hook up is sucking, however i reach down to start to jerk myself off when the phone rings again. he says i'm so sorry and goes to answer it, still on the phone, he covers the mouth piece and says to me i'm really sorry but my friend is gonna be here in 20 minutes.

fucking annoying, this hook up sucks, i'm assuming he has some arrangement with a friend to call during a hook up so he has an excuse to break it off

i dress, grab my shit and bounce, still on the phone he motions that i should call him... really? are you serious?

anyways, as i'm leaving i arrange to hook up with one of my regulars in an hour. gotta get some fun out of this day.

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