Sunday, December 18, 2011

an ode to dom tops

i love a dom top.  love em.

i just came back from hooking up with this dude, total dom top.  i had hooked up with him a while ago and it was very hot however we hadn't been able to make it happen again.  literally, it had been almost nine months. 

skinny, clean cut, cute looking guy, he's got some type of high power job, clearly well off, fancy place.

i get to his place, he offers me a drink, pours me some expensive looking whiskey (not my usual drink, but whatever).  we sit on the couch chat for a bit then start kissing.

he unbuttons his pants - "suck my cock boy",  his voice gets extra deep when he gives orders.  its extra hot. 

he pushes my head towards his cock.  i take him into my mouth and suck him off.  he keeps his hand on the back of my head guiding my strokes.  we move to his bedroom, we both strip, he lies back and i kneel over him taking his cock into my mouth again - "yeah boy that's what i like".

after a bit he grabs my head and pushes me onto my back.  he likes to be on top (which i luv).  he grabs a condom and pushes inside me slowly at first.  fucking me missionary.  as he fucks me he gives orders. "tighten your body boy", "go loose", "fuck me back", "do what you want", "grab your ankles", each time in that extra deep voice, its incredibly hot. 

after fucking me like that for quite a while he says, "get on your stomach boy".  i turn over and he pushes his cock into my ass.  slowly, then hard deep strokes.  i moan as he pounds me.  then he stops, pulls out, switches condoms, and repositions me.  when he moves me around he does it by palming the top of my head, kind of weird and hot at the same time.   he turns me so i'm on my back, legs hanging over the edge of the bed.  he puts my legs on his shoulders and pushes his cock into me.  hard, fast thrusts.  "i'm getting close boy" he almost growls.  he pulls out, strips of the condom and shoots a huge load of cum all over my chest.

i lie back catching my breath.  he throws me a towel saying "ok, time to go".  he is not a cuddler.  lol.  i clean up, kiss him goodbye and head out the door. 

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