Monday, May 23, 2011

my first fireman

who knew?  so i always thought the gay male obsession with firemen was some kind of stereotypical gay boy thing (i do understand this obsession with firemen crosses many genders - lol).  yuh know i've always resisted the obsession some have with law enforcement, firemen, etc.  i am not a fan of the police.  however today i did my first fireman and i do have to say, i mean maybe it was just this dude, but there is something about firemen that is unbelievably hot.

so this guy had actually hit me up in the past but in his pic he kind of looked like a serial killer so i never responded.  he hit me up again recently and he had some new pics.  in these pics he didn't look like a serial killer, he actually looked pretty hot.  so i thought why not, maybe he's not a serial killer (sometimes i'm so ridiculous), and we started chatting.

guy of color, he's been with trans guys before, identifies as bi. wants to fuck all my holes.  hot chats.

so it took a bit to arrange but we finally set a date.  i get to his place.  he looks at least a decade older than his pics, which is hot, what i find attractive is all over the map and changes frequently, but i do have a thing for a hot daddy.  sometimes i want to give people pic advice.  like this dude looks way hotter in person, as his real age, i actually think it does him a disservice to post those pics from a decade ago, however i get all the ugly ageism of the hook up world.

so we are doing the usual pre fuck chat.  he did all the work in his apartment, its a really nice place, he's clearly very proud of it. we are sitting on his couch he leans over and kisses me.  he pulls back and say come here.  i climb on top of him and we kiss and grind.  he unbuttons my shirt and sucks my nipples.  then he puts his hands under my arms and lifts me up off his lap so i'm standing in front of him.  i reach for his shirt but he pushes my hand away. he unbuttons my pants, pulls off my boxers so i'm standing there naked.  sometimes i can be self conscious about how i look naked like that, but he sits back and just looks at me, clearly liking what he sees.  then he leans in and begins kissing my stomache, my chest.  i reach down and pull of his shirt.  he stands up i unbutton his pants and go to work on his cock for a while.  then he leans down, picks me up, i wrap my legs around his waist and he carries me like that to his bedroom.  i love how strong this guy is. 

he lays back on the bed and says 'i wanna taste you'.  i straddle his face, he's good, blows me til i can't take it anymore, i pull away, he says what's wrong, i say nothing its too much, i can't take it anymore.  yes you can he says and pulls me back.  he goes at me some more and won't let me go, i'm writhing and squirming until i really can't anymore and tell him he really needs to stop.  he lets me up and i crawl down to his cock.  he has a mirror at the head of his bed so i watch as i blow him.  very hot.  i'm really turned on.  i really want him to fuck me.  condom, i ask he nods towards the nightstand.  i grab one and slip it on him lube him up and guide him into me.  i go slow as he's big and its been a couple days since i've been fucked.  he says when were you last fucked - i say about a week ago as his cock slides into place.  i ride him for a while then he sits up and i wrap my legs and arms around him, he stands up and he fucks me standing - this dude is so incredibly strong. 

we fucked for nearly 3 hours so i'm not gonna give a blow by blow account.  suffice to say many positions, rough and hard, very hot.  he kept picking me up and moving me where he wanted me, this is i think what i love about firemen, i mean i've been with muscular guys, strong guys, but there is something about someone who is used to throwing heavy things over his shoulder on a daily basis, who's life depends on doing so, that is very hot.

towards the end he asked if he could fuck my ass.  this is not usually my thing however i'm very turned on and i can see he really wants it, so i say you have to go very slow, he says i can be gentle.  he lubes up, i get on my knees, he puts the tip of his cock to my ass.  he slowly pushes in, takes it real slow, gentle strokes til i start fucking him back, then he's fucking me hard, fucks my ass for a while, he says, 'you wanna be my boy', 'im gonna make you my boy' over and over, hot, i start to feel like i can't any more, i start to pull away and he says what's wrong.  i say nothing i just can't anymore.  he says i'm not hurting you am i.  i say no its just too much.

he says you can do more and lifts me up and turns me on my back, he's lying on top of me kissing me, he pushes my legs up and puts his cock to my ass again.  he pushes in slowly, inch by inch, stopping and letting my ass get used to his cock before pushing in more, he's kissing me as he does it, saying 'i'm gonna make you my boy, no one's gonna hurt you boy, you can do it'.  its kind of sweet and gentle and hot at the same time.  he's really good and takes it so slow that he's able to get his cock all the way inside me.  i've done anal before but this guy has a huge cock...  'see boy, no one's gonna hurt you, my cocks all up in you, do you want me to stroke you or just hold like this'  hold i say and it just feels amazing his cocks huge and filling my ass.  then i begin to move against him.  he moans and begins stroking me slowly.  after a bit i feel like i can't anymore, i can't i say, he says 'its ok boy, yes you can and he stops stroking and just holds inside me until i'm ready again.  its so hot.  we fuck like this for a while.  he's such a daddy dom, pushing my limits, yet so gentle and sweet, it was pretty incredible.

afterwards, i shower and he's such a sweetie, i have a real thing for those masculine, muscular guys who are also such gentle sweet hearts.  i'm drying off and he says, here let me get your back and drys me off.  such a sweetie.

we are chatting some as i'm leaving.  he's shirtless and i run my hand down his chest.  he thinks i'm looking at a scar that starts on his side and goes across his back, i'm not, but he tells me that he's actually on leave from work right now cuz there was an accident at work, i'm thinking shit that was some major accident, he says he's supposed to take a cardio test next week and if he passes he'll go back.  then he says, with a wink, but i think this was enough of a test and i passed.  i say, thank god you passed, i'm thinking what the fuck what if he'd gone into cardiac arrest or something while we were fucking.  like he knows what i'm thinking he laughs, yeah, that would have sucked if you had to call 911 or something.  i'm thinking seriously dude, wtf.

anyways i kiss him good bye.  possible 911 call and all i now have a thing for firemen.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cock Sucker

After several days of sexting and missed opportunities, our schedules finally aligned.  He was a short dude. About 5'5" or 5'6", average build, baseball hat askew, doo rag under it, and I peeked a little bit of the cornrows underneath that. Dark chocolate skin. Okay in the looks department, but he was packin'. I knew this because I'd seen the pics of his erect dick in hand, with the wide head looking scrumptious. I wanted that shit in my mouth...

After settling into my sofa, he rolled a blunt and talked incessantly about his recent trip to some nearby gambling hot spot. When I finally got a word in, I shared my horror story of an experience at the same hot spot. That killed the conversation instantly and the ensuing silence reminded us why he was here in the first place.
 I don't quite remember how it started. It just seemed that one minute we were just sitting on the couch smoking, then the next he grabs and kisses me, our tongues interlocking and playing for a while. It was a wet kiss with stops and starts. Each round got sloppier and wetter, our tongues wrapping around each other. The kiss gets us hornier and we're moaning into each others mouths. My hand is rubbing his crotch, which is just bulging out like crazy. His hands are wrapped around my waists, pulling me roughly closer. Our bodies smashed together on that tiny couch of mine, still kissing, still fucking each other's mouths with our tongues. Eventually I break it because  I want to see his dick, which I've been rubbing on through his jeans. I want to suck his cock so badly that I don't even think about taking him back to my bedroom. There is no time to take off clothes. Shit, he still has his tims' on, but neither of us give a fuck. I kneel between his legs. At eye level, the bulging crotch looks even more impressive. When I unzipped him, his dick immediately sprang out through the dick hole in his boxers and it bobbed and waved for a second or two. It was a thick and and angry-looking cock crisscrossed by thick veins. The kind of cock you want fucking you hard and rough. The kind of cock you want to see shooting jet streams of cum on your chest, stomach, in your mouth...And damn was it hard. He was so fucking hard. I locked eyes with him as I slowly lowered my head towards his dick, inching my mouth closer to the shiny wide head. My hands slowly traveled up his inner thighs, heading in the same direction. When I wrapped my hands around his dick, he made a was a little strange and indescribable, but still hot. He put his hand on the back of my head and slowly pushed me closer to his dick. I love an aggressive top. When my mouth reached his dick, I licked around the head slowly. He jerked and hissed, then grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth. I sucked on his head, then opened my mouth wider and took as much of him as I could into my mouth. I took a lot. "Fuck, boy. You like sucking my dick?" He whispered in this lewd way that just drove me wild. I sucked him hard, feeling his shaft with my tongue on the way up, fondling his balls on the way down. 
I tried to minimize the suction sounds, but with his girth and my horniness I just decided to totally porn-out and suck and fondle and lick and  he's like, "Muthafuh...I'ma cum..." Well I couldn't let that happen just yet, could I? So I took him out of my mouth (he didn't like that very much), and dragged my tongue down one of those thick veins on his shaft. I'd been wanting to do that ever since his dick sprang out at me. He put his hand on the back of my head and guided his cock back into my mouth, then started using his hip to move his dick in and out. "You like me fuckin your mouth, boy?" I made some sound that was supposed to be "yes" but it was muffled because his hard dick was buried deep in my wet mouth, sliding in and out, going in a little deeper each time. I love the sensation of a dick sliding in and out of my mouth, the way it just fills me, the tightness of it, and how wet it is when I take it out of my mouth....that part especially drives me crazy. The whole thing was so hot and I moved my free hand to my crotch where I jerked my cock and continued to suck his dick. He let out some sound I couldn't begin to describe, lifted his head from the couch and "yeah boy. Suck that dick. Oh shit..." then sank back down emitting another sound as his cock head tapped the entrance to my throat. And yeah he was big-dicked, but I can be a determined lil' dude when I put my mind to it. I slowly bobbed up and down on him. God it was such a tight fit. From time to time my teeth would lightly scrape his cock which drove him over the edge. I knew this because he give some strange yelp-moan sound, if there is such a thing. At the back of my mind I worried about the neighbors and their reaction to the strange sex sounds this guy makes, but that thought was pushed out of my mind by his "I'm gonna cum." I was ready and sucked him faster and harder, squeezed the shaft as my engulfed the head in a tight lip lock. He gasped. I moaned in response and the sound vibrated his cock. He gasped again, his hand on my head pushing me down on his dick. I sucked in one long stroke, from base to head. I could feel his legs tighten. I could feel his cock grow even more rigid in my mouth. He was close, I could tell, so I did another long slow stroke and this time he moved his hips a little more roughly and entered my throat again. "Ah shit boy...I'ma cum down your wanna taste my cum, boy?" And oh god...I'm a sucka for a vocal pervy-mouth muthafucka. His dick head slid in from entrance into throat, again, again, and again, and "ah fuck!" The muthafucker literally roared and his body and cock went all rigid. I gently dragged my teeth on his shaft to give him that extra push and that's when he came in powerful spurts, filling my mouth, slipping down my throat. He spasmed for forever, saying "oh fuck" over and over, his hands clasping my head tightly.

Eventually, he came down to earth. His hands and body relaxed and his dick slipped out of my my mouth. I guess this is the time to share that I love the taste of cum. And there's nothing safe about what we just did, I know. I rarely fuck raw, but I suck raw dicks sometimes and every once in a while, for that special guy, I'll let a dude cum in my mouth or down my throat. With the right dude, this is one of my favorite things about sucking cock. I should also mention that homeboy was still hard as a rock after I took him out of my mouth. I marveled at how wet his cock looked for a moment or two. This is a serious fetish of mine. I wanted to take a picture of his still hard wet cock. I'm a freak like that sometimes. He didn't like that idea, so I didn't take a pic because I'm a respectful freak.

Later, he pushed me up against the wall in my living room and pushed his wide-headed thick cock into me and we fucked fast. "'re tight, boy..." he grunted, hands roughly grabbing and squeezing my ass, breathing hard and fast. I got wetter because, again, I'm a sucka for a vocal muthafucka. He slipped in deeper and yeah he was in really deep. He found that spot, that special sweet spot. "Right there, boy?" He asked and pummeled me there. Fuck. My pussy clenched tightly on his dick as my orgasm hit me like a brick wall. He was like " got the good shit, boy" and pushed into me hard and rough, like this pussy was his to do with as he damn well please. Right then I felt his dick spasming inside me and it felt incredible. "Ohhh..." Homeboy roared again and fucked me so fast, his crotch slamming into my ass loudly. It felt so deliciously primal: us fucking like crazy in my living room, him shirtless, with his yellow tims' still on, jeans pooled at his ankles. Me, pants and boxers pulled down my thighs, t-shirt hiked up my waist. Rarely does the simultaneous orgasm thing happen in my hook ups, but when it does happen, it's indescribable.

"I haven't fucked like that in a long time." He was zipping his dick back into his pants and grabbing his stuff. I smiled. I don't know what you say to something like that. Thank you? I saw him to the door. Call me an asshole, but I'm not really one for post-fuck chat. At the door, he lingered. " have my number." I told him he had mine too. Unexpectedly he leaned in and kissed me...with tongue...and more tongue. I started to get horny again. A good kiss does it to me every time. He stood back and looked at me with this ridiculous smirk on his face, and walked out with a "see ya!" thrown over his shoulder for good measure. Well that muthafuckin tease.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the downsides - about genital health

This post is not sexy or fun so definitely skip it if that's what you're looking for today.  It about the health of my genitalia, again, definitely skip this if that's not what you feel like hearing at this moment in time, i don't even want to hear it right now so i definitely understand.  

I generally have alot of fun in the gay boy hook up world.  That is without a doubt.  

However periodically as a result of all my play (sometimes more often than others) there are negative impacts to my health. 

As a trans person, i do not like engaging with the health care industry, so when there are periods that i am at the health clinic weekly if not more, well its enough to say these are unhappy periods, particularly as i am often there due to some type of problem with my genitalia.  Hope this isn't too much for folks but usually its related to something different with my vaginal discharge, general irritation or just feeling "not right" down there. 

I'm sure given the nature of this blog folks are thinking STDs.  Which is what i always think as well, and feel very stressed out and anxious about, but so far (fingers crossed, knock on wood) that has not been the problem.   

I would say half the time the doctors have no idea what is wrong with me, test me for everything under the sun and eventually it just goes away (my best friend and i talk about how so little is known about the long term effects of testosterone on us and if some of it could be related), the other half its something like a yeast infection or urinary tract infection.
Clearly this experience around genital health is specific to me, my body, and my health, my best friend who plays as often as i do does not share in this experience he rarely has to go to the doctor.  i hate him for it. 

So recently i had this period where i was having a shit load of vaginal discharge, like copious amounts.  It was very uncomfortable to say the least.  this had happened to me before and when it happened before i got tested for everything under the sun and everything was negative.  after some online research i said to my doctor could it be the lube i'm using - she looked surprised and said why yes, most certainly, in my head i thought really, we could have solved this a long fucking time ago. anyways so i switched lubes and was fine.  

so this time around i knew it wasn't the lube as i hadn't made any changes. They tested me for every std, for bacterial infections, yeast, everything.  Everything was negative.    I would say for about 3 weeks i went to the health clinic weekly at least. Then one day it just stopped.  Really.  What the fuck.  

I know this could have nothing to do with fucking but i feel like its likely related as i didn't use to have these problems when i was less sexually active.   though i also know i am much more aware of the health of my genitalia due to all my play.  

Furthermore in regards to my genitals, when I’m highly sexually active as I am now, whether its with one person in a committed relationship or multiple folks, I tend to get urinary tract infections. This really sucks.

I’ve been on testosterone for a long time so my doctor has said that may make me susceptible to them, along with the fact that I’m pretty sexually active and how I like to get fucked (i prefer pussy fucking). I’ve surfed the net and read about other Trans Guys with similar experiences.

I had this particularly bad experience when I could not get into see my regular doctor so I had to go to a 24 hour clinic that my doctor recommended. I was feeling very sick and just needed the meds so I went. The wait wasn’t that long thankfully, a nurse took me to a room and then gave me a cup to pee into, it all seemed like things were going well, then the doctor came in. older white guy, glasses, he asked why I was there. I said I’m pretty sure I have a uti, that I just had one three months ago, and I get them often. To which he said why are you getting UTI’s so frequently, they are pretty rare in males. I said, well I am transgender, female to male. 

He looked at my blankly and said so you used to have a penis? I was like what the fuck! But I just said, I’m female to male, I was born female, but I’ve been on testosterone for a long time so I pass as a guy, but I have a vagina. In my head I was thinking what the fuck, this is not Adam4Adam or ManHunt. 

I got the sense that either he didn’t believe me or he still didn’t get it. Cuz then he said well do you have any leakage? Which I could be wrong but seems more like a question about a dick. I said no. Then he said are you sure you don’t want me to take a look? I said firmly no. I got the sense he really just wanted to see what I had in my pants. I was feeling really sick, I know I should have made a complaint or something, but I really just needed the meds. Finally the nurse came back with the test and said it was a uti so he wrote me a prescription and I got the hell out of there.

After numerous trips to the Doctor for UTIs, there was a period where it felt like i was going every 2-3 months,  I now have a routine and try to worry about it less. I always pee after sex and try to shower when possible, I take d-mannox and cranberry pills daily, I periodically insert a small amount of estrogen into my vagina (it doesn’t affect hormone levels but helps with thinning vaginal walls) and while I’m not happy about it after a particularly long or rough session I take a mild antibiotic after sex, I don’t like to be dependant on antibiotics but if I get a uti I’ll be on a heavy dose which is worse for my body.  This has all worked so far.  

so all this seems like alot of drama and stress just to get fucked.  sometimes i wonder what the hell i'm doing.  but its a balance for me.  as a queer trans guy of color getting fucked and playing is about getting off and having fun but its also about loving and feeling empowered in my body.  i just try to balance these positive health benefits with the negative ones. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Surprisingly Good Fuck

He was a big guy. Easily three times my size. This was made all the more obvious when he easily lifted and planted me on his thighs, right over the erection that was tenting the front of his pants. My bare slightly sweaty chest rubbing against his massive one. I love the feel of sweaty skin rubbing on sweaty skin. He bit my pecs, nibbling my  nipples. I lowered my face to his and covered his mouth with mine. His giant tongue filled my mouth and I sucked on it.

I slid down to the ground between his legs and cradled his partially hard cock in my hand. I licked it, encircling the bulbous head with my wet tongue, then gently sucking it into my warm mouth. I mmm-ed loudly and he hardened all the way. It was such an interesting sensation having him go rigid in my mouth. It turned me on so much that all I could think about in that moment was giving this gentle giant of a black man some really good head. I ran my tongue from the base, up the shaft, which had fat vine-y veins popping out of it. I reached his mushroom-shaped head (my favorite kind of cock-head), opening up to swallow as much of him as I could. When the head nudged the entrance to my throat, I heard his (other) head hit the back of the couch. He slid into my throat and his hand dropped to bald head, guiding me down his cock. My first deep throat. I'd tried to many times in the past, but never could get past my gag reflex. For some reason, with this guy it just kind of happened.

I throat fucked him for a bit, enjoying the fullness. He started making all these sounds, leading me to believe he was close, so I took his cock out of my mouth and switched to his balls. l encircled one, then the other. Finally, one slid in between my lips, down my mouth and I gently sucked. He gasped and pushed me away, pushing me on my back on his white shag (ha!) rug. I got wetter imagining what we looked like right there on the floor, fucking on his white fluffy-as-hell rug. He positioned himself over me, my legs bent over my head, my cock sticking straight out hard as a rock. When his cock slid in I instantly tightened around him.
 "Oh god..." he trailed off, mouth agape, eyes locking with mine. I grabbed and pulled his face to mine. We kissed again. It was wet and sloppy. Our tongues doing things all on their own. He suddenly pulled away, his face contorted into an expression somewhere between pleasure and pain. I could tell he was close as was I, so I grabbed his ass and he quickened his pace. I started to feel myself cumming.
"I'm gonna..." he grunted with some effort and bucked wildly for a moment or two, then let out a loud guttural  "Ohh shittt..."
As he came, I felt my wave of orgasm sweep through me like a hot flash. It was some intense shit too. I was loud, so fucking loud and when I eventually "came to" my hands were wrapped tightly around his thick neck.

When he dropped me off at the train station, we kissed was very tongue-y. The wantonness of it got me hot again. He didn't seem too eager to stop either. Eventually we pulled away, looking at each other with silly post-coital grins on our faces. As I got out of that car I knew I had to see him again.