Monday, May 23, 2011

my first fireman

who knew?  so i always thought the gay male obsession with firemen was some kind of stereotypical gay boy thing (i do understand this obsession with firemen crosses many genders - lol).  yuh know i've always resisted the obsession some have with law enforcement, firemen, etc.  i am not a fan of the police.  however today i did my first fireman and i do have to say, i mean maybe it was just this dude, but there is something about firemen that is unbelievably hot.

so this guy had actually hit me up in the past but in his pic he kind of looked like a serial killer so i never responded.  he hit me up again recently and he had some new pics.  in these pics he didn't look like a serial killer, he actually looked pretty hot.  so i thought why not, maybe he's not a serial killer (sometimes i'm so ridiculous), and we started chatting.

guy of color, he's been with trans guys before, identifies as bi. wants to fuck all my holes.  hot chats.

so it took a bit to arrange but we finally set a date.  i get to his place.  he looks at least a decade older than his pics, which is hot, what i find attractive is all over the map and changes frequently, but i do have a thing for a hot daddy.  sometimes i want to give people pic advice.  like this dude looks way hotter in person, as his real age, i actually think it does him a disservice to post those pics from a decade ago, however i get all the ugly ageism of the hook up world.

so we are doing the usual pre fuck chat.  he did all the work in his apartment, its a really nice place, he's clearly very proud of it. we are sitting on his couch he leans over and kisses me.  he pulls back and say come here.  i climb on top of him and we kiss and grind.  he unbuttons my shirt and sucks my nipples.  then he puts his hands under my arms and lifts me up off his lap so i'm standing in front of him.  i reach for his shirt but he pushes my hand away. he unbuttons my pants, pulls off my boxers so i'm standing there naked.  sometimes i can be self conscious about how i look naked like that, but he sits back and just looks at me, clearly liking what he sees.  then he leans in and begins kissing my stomache, my chest.  i reach down and pull of his shirt.  he stands up i unbutton his pants and go to work on his cock for a while.  then he leans down, picks me up, i wrap my legs around his waist and he carries me like that to his bedroom.  i love how strong this guy is. 

he lays back on the bed and says 'i wanna taste you'.  i straddle his face, he's good, blows me til i can't take it anymore, i pull away, he says what's wrong, i say nothing its too much, i can't take it anymore.  yes you can he says and pulls me back.  he goes at me some more and won't let me go, i'm writhing and squirming until i really can't anymore and tell him he really needs to stop.  he lets me up and i crawl down to his cock.  he has a mirror at the head of his bed so i watch as i blow him.  very hot.  i'm really turned on.  i really want him to fuck me.  condom, i ask he nods towards the nightstand.  i grab one and slip it on him lube him up and guide him into me.  i go slow as he's big and its been a couple days since i've been fucked.  he says when were you last fucked - i say about a week ago as his cock slides into place.  i ride him for a while then he sits up and i wrap my legs and arms around him, he stands up and he fucks me standing - this dude is so incredibly strong. 

we fucked for nearly 3 hours so i'm not gonna give a blow by blow account.  suffice to say many positions, rough and hard, very hot.  he kept picking me up and moving me where he wanted me, this is i think what i love about firemen, i mean i've been with muscular guys, strong guys, but there is something about someone who is used to throwing heavy things over his shoulder on a daily basis, who's life depends on doing so, that is very hot.

towards the end he asked if he could fuck my ass.  this is not usually my thing however i'm very turned on and i can see he really wants it, so i say you have to go very slow, he says i can be gentle.  he lubes up, i get on my knees, he puts the tip of his cock to my ass.  he slowly pushes in, takes it real slow, gentle strokes til i start fucking him back, then he's fucking me hard, fucks my ass for a while, he says, 'you wanna be my boy', 'im gonna make you my boy' over and over, hot, i start to feel like i can't any more, i start to pull away and he says what's wrong.  i say nothing i just can't anymore.  he says i'm not hurting you am i.  i say no its just too much.

he says you can do more and lifts me up and turns me on my back, he's lying on top of me kissing me, he pushes my legs up and puts his cock to my ass again.  he pushes in slowly, inch by inch, stopping and letting my ass get used to his cock before pushing in more, he's kissing me as he does it, saying 'i'm gonna make you my boy, no one's gonna hurt you boy, you can do it'.  its kind of sweet and gentle and hot at the same time.  he's really good and takes it so slow that he's able to get his cock all the way inside me.  i've done anal before but this guy has a huge cock...  'see boy, no one's gonna hurt you, my cocks all up in you, do you want me to stroke you or just hold like this'  hold i say and it just feels amazing his cocks huge and filling my ass.  then i begin to move against him.  he moans and begins stroking me slowly.  after a bit i feel like i can't anymore, i can't i say, he says 'its ok boy, yes you can and he stops stroking and just holds inside me until i'm ready again.  its so hot.  we fuck like this for a while.  he's such a daddy dom, pushing my limits, yet so gentle and sweet, it was pretty incredible.

afterwards, i shower and he's such a sweetie, i have a real thing for those masculine, muscular guys who are also such gentle sweet hearts.  i'm drying off and he says, here let me get your back and drys me off.  such a sweetie.

we are chatting some as i'm leaving.  he's shirtless and i run my hand down his chest.  he thinks i'm looking at a scar that starts on his side and goes across his back, i'm not, but he tells me that he's actually on leave from work right now cuz there was an accident at work, i'm thinking shit that was some major accident, he says he's supposed to take a cardio test next week and if he passes he'll go back.  then he says, with a wink, but i think this was enough of a test and i passed.  i say, thank god you passed, i'm thinking what the fuck what if he'd gone into cardiac arrest or something while we were fucking.  like he knows what i'm thinking he laughs, yeah, that would have sucked if you had to call 911 or something.  i'm thinking seriously dude, wtf.

anyways i kiss him good bye.  possible 911 call and all i now have a thing for firemen.

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