Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Surprisingly Good Fuck

He was a big guy. Easily three times my size. This was made all the more obvious when he easily lifted and planted me on his thighs, right over the erection that was tenting the front of his pants. My bare slightly sweaty chest rubbing against his massive one. I love the feel of sweaty skin rubbing on sweaty skin. He bit my pecs, nibbling my  nipples. I lowered my face to his and covered his mouth with mine. His giant tongue filled my mouth and I sucked on it.

I slid down to the ground between his legs and cradled his partially hard cock in my hand. I licked it, encircling the bulbous head with my wet tongue, then gently sucking it into my warm mouth. I mmm-ed loudly and he hardened all the way. It was such an interesting sensation having him go rigid in my mouth. It turned me on so much that all I could think about in that moment was giving this gentle giant of a black man some really good head. I ran my tongue from the base, up the shaft, which had fat vine-y veins popping out of it. I reached his mushroom-shaped head (my favorite kind of cock-head), opening up to swallow as much of him as I could. When the head nudged the entrance to my throat, I heard his (other) head hit the back of the couch. He slid into my throat and his hand dropped to bald head, guiding me down his cock. My first deep throat. I'd tried to many times in the past, but never could get past my gag reflex. For some reason, with this guy it just kind of happened.

I throat fucked him for a bit, enjoying the fullness. He started making all these sounds, leading me to believe he was close, so I took his cock out of my mouth and switched to his balls. l encircled one, then the other. Finally, one slid in between my lips, down my mouth and I gently sucked. He gasped and pushed me away, pushing me on my back on his white shag (ha!) rug. I got wetter imagining what we looked like right there on the floor, fucking on his white fluffy-as-hell rug. He positioned himself over me, my legs bent over my head, my cock sticking straight out hard as a rock. When his cock slid in I instantly tightened around him.
 "Oh god..." he trailed off, mouth agape, eyes locking with mine. I grabbed and pulled his face to mine. We kissed again. It was wet and sloppy. Our tongues doing things all on their own. He suddenly pulled away, his face contorted into an expression somewhere between pleasure and pain. I could tell he was close as was I, so I grabbed his ass and he quickened his pace. I started to feel myself cumming.
"I'm gonna..." he grunted with some effort and bucked wildly for a moment or two, then let out a loud guttural  "Ohh shittt..."
As he came, I felt my wave of orgasm sweep through me like a hot flash. It was some intense shit too. I was loud, so fucking loud and when I eventually "came to" my hands were wrapped tightly around his thick neck.

When he dropped me off at the train station, we kissed was very tongue-y. The wantonness of it got me hot again. He didn't seem too eager to stop either. Eventually we pulled away, looking at each other with silly post-coital grins on our faces. As I got out of that car I knew I had to see him again.

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