Monday, April 25, 2011

2am switch

So I see this as a funny adventure story, but when i told my best friend about it he yelled at me and wouldn't speak to me for a while because he felt i had been really stupid and put myself in a really unsafe situation. I know he's right and i probably should not trust my instincts so much, but I lived to tell the tale as they say so here goes.

So I'd been out at a club and got home around 2am. I log into my sites and almost immediately get hit up by this guy from Venezuela, who said he was only in town for one more night, he's staying real close by (again my local hook up thing). So I was like what the fuck, why not. I got on my bike and biked over.

He said he’d meet me outside cuz he doesn’t have a phone that works here. Got there faster than I expected so I chilled outside. A latino guy came out at one point and looked around, I don’t know what I was thinking but I asked him if he’d been on MH… not smart. Anyways he just said no and left, for a while I thought that was the guy and he was ditching me.

Was gonna just wait for a few more minutes then head home, when this young white guy walks up and stands maybe a few feet away from me like he’s waiting for someone. We keep looking at each other and kind of laughing, I mean its 2am on a Saturday night and we're both just hanging out on an empty block in front of a fancy apartment building.

So we go up to each other. He is pretty obviously gay. I asked if he was waiting for someone he said yeah. I said are you from Venezuela. He said no laughing, are you, I said no. I said were you just online. He said yeah. I said on MH, he said yeah. After some further investigation we realized we were both meeting the same guy. It was pretty fucking weird and hilarious.

After a bit of chatting, we exchanged names and he said, well your real cute, do you want to go back to my place, I’m not far from here. I was thinking this is very weird, but the vibe felt fine so I said, well your cute too but I have to tell you I’m trans. He said oh, that’s cool.

This is my first time having to do this negotiation face to face - its weird and a bit stressful - but I just say you understand that means I was born female, I’ve been on testosterone for a long time so I pass but I still have all the female parts.

He didn't seem phased, he just said I’m cool with it. So I said cool and we started walking to his place. As we walked we talked more, he seemed more worried that he wouldn’t be able to fuck me the way i wanted than anything else. So we walked and chatted, he seemed cool, the vibe was cool.

His place was a bit of a walk though and at one point we turned onto a real deserted block and I started to feel a little nervous like if it was some kind of set up and i was about to be jumped, robbed, gay bashed, who knows. I knew the area though and so was figuring my escape route when we finally got to his place. Then it was clear everything was ok, his roomie was home, just a regular kind of vibe. We went to his room, he got me a drink, we showed each other our MH inboxes with the same guy in it - hilarious.

In the midst of this Venezuelan dude texts me to say sorry that he was delayed. We both ignore it. Then we fucked. It was ok, I couldn’t tell if he was into it or not. He couldn’t come from fucking had to jerk himself off. Then we cuddled and slept a little. I got up to leave and he pulled me back down and we messed around some more, he wanted to fuck without a condom and I said no, he said he didn’t want to fuck with one so I sucked him off some then he jerked off and we fell asleep again. I woke up and realized it was 6am.

I got up, got dressed wrote my # down, and told him I had to go, he said let me walk you out, I said its ok, he said no its not, but it was clear he was crashed so I told him no its cool and let myself out. Walked back to my bike and rode home with the sun coming up.

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