Sunday, April 3, 2011

my favorite guy

So I started hooking up with this guy in the Spring time, white dude. One of my favorite kinds of guys - small, thin but not bone thin, piercings and tattoos, that alternative kind of vibe, very hot and sexy.

He was just real chill, had his shit together, we would always hang out and chat over a beer or two for at least an hour in his back yard. It was the spring and summer so we would just chat and enjoy the warm nights. We would often meet up at that time of day when the sun has just set and there's still a bit of hazy light and by the time we were done chatting it would be dark enough to see the stars. We lived totally different lives, we had nothing in common, but we would just talk about what was going on in our worlds and we just enjoyed each others company and felt really comfortable with each other.

Then we would fuck. He was a total dom top – which I love. The sex was incredible – he was well endowed and could fuck for hours – literally.  hot, aggressive, animalistic (is that a word?) fucking.  yuh know some fucks are hot and sensual others are just hard, rough, out of control fucks - he is the latter.  I think i have a good amount of stamina (at least this is what i've been told) however at some point I would always have to tell him I couldn’t take it anymore though I knew he could’ve kept on fucking me.

And the gender thing was never an issue – he totally got it more so I think than any other hook up. Unlike some other guys who can't get over that they're into a trans guy or on the flipside have a trans fetish - the fact that i'm trans was no more important than that he was a bio dude - which is as it should be.

And while we fucked i could just tell that he got me- he would say ‘boy, I luv that pussy’ over and over again - he got my my gender fuck.

Then after sex we would cuddle and nap for a few more hours. I luv cuddling. Eventually I would pull myself together and head out – I never spent the night.  his parting words to me were always 'be good'.  luv it.  I always texted him thanks afterwards but we never texted in between hook ups.

So we hooked up at least every other week for about six months. Its weird right, we knew a lot about each others lives, feelings, and thoughts yet I still don’t know his last name, I have no idea where he works nor does he know where I work. Its like we in some way were a part of each others lives, but not. It was always NSA neither of us were interested in more than what we were doing. My best friend use to tease me about my BF, but it really never was anything like that, I had no desire to date him and I believe the feeling was mutual.

The last time we hooked up we talked about our exes. Turns out that he broke up with someone around the same time I did. That seemed to make a lot of sense.

So all good things come to an end, one day I texted him to see if he wanted to play, he texted me that he had gotten back together with his ex boyfriend and need to try and make it work and stay faithful. I texted him back that I was really happy for him and best of luck. And I was really happy for him – I mean he’s a really good guy – but I did feel a little sad. I mean its nsa and all but you can’t help but get a little attached after six months.

So a couple months later I get a text from him asking if I’m free so we arrange to meet up. We do our usual thing but things feel a little different. I mean its good and fun but different.

We arrange to hook up again but it falls through and I don’t pursue it. I don’t know. I think about if I should contact him sometimes, but I kind of feel like I should just let it go. I feel like it was kind of like this moment in time where we were what each other wanted or maybe needed and it was fun and amazing and just some really incredible times. Maybe its silly, but I don’t want to ruin it some how.