Monday, October 31, 2011

the italian

due to work i went two weeks without being fucked.  for me this is a very, very long time.  so finally things in my life calmed down.  during this two week period tons of new guys had hit me up of course this always happens when i can't hook up.  there were a number of interesting guys.

one was very persistent.  i've decided to call him the italian. hot in his pics.

we finally arrange to meet.  he's ok looking, not as cute as his pics, but ok.  one of those ultra masculine types.  he's bi, mostly fucks women but likes a guy now and then.  usual prefuck chat. he say's i'm not sure what to do,  should i turn down the lights?  cute.  i ask if he's nervous.  he say's no its just always hard for him to transition into sex.   i'm sitting on the bed so i motion for him to come over.

he starts kissing me.  we undress and he begins sucking my nipples (which i love) then he spreads my legs and begins tongueing my hole, stroking my clit with the tip of his tongue.  he's good.  not the best i've ever had but good.  he goes at me for a while til i decide i've had enough.  i push him off.  he lies back and i take his cock into my mouth.  i blow him for a while then grab a condom.  i guide him into me and ride him for a while.  he flips me over and strokes me missionary style.  then he pulls back and goes down on me again.  clearly this is something he loves.  we fuck like this for a while.  he fucks me then goes down on me.  fucks me then goes down on me.  its good.  not the best but good.  he says i could eat you all day.  nice

afterwards we're chatting some.  this is when i decide i like him as he's a really interesting guy.  hasn't been in the US for that long, he's an actor, performs often.  he is that stereotypical romantic italian.  which i realize i luv (who knew?).   we are talking tattoos and he tells me this story about how one of his tats represents his one true luv, this women who he has never been in a relationship with as the timing is never right, he's in a relationship, she's in a relationship, etc.  however they both know they are each others true love.  so i'm not much of a romantic but with stories like that i can't help but like the guy.

i get up to go and he asks if i want to stay for dinner, i decline as i need to head home and plus that's not something i normally do.

and then it gets even better.  he messages me afterwards to say he really enjoyed it and hopes we meet again and everyone once in a while in his messages he'll throw in a word in italian.  'bello' - handsome.  'bacio' - kiss.  

god who knew that i'm such a sucker for that kind of thing....

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