Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Adventures on Craigslist II: The Week-long Bonefest

This is a follow-up to "New Adventures on Craigslist"

Well as the week progressed, my goals changed, radically. For one, my roommate had to unexpectedly leave town for a week, which meant I could host. So, after my plans with Mr. 12-incher et al fell through (yes, all those marvelous plans I had. How many came to fruition? Not a one), so I switched tactcs and did my homework. I identified a few guys who I knew (and hoped) would provide a diverse array of sexual experiences. There was the guy who responded to my craigslist ad because it had the word "lick" in it. More on him later. There was the dude whose cock pic immediately made me have to take a bathroom break at work, where I proceeded to furiously rub one out. There was gymrat. I've written about him before. I was ready to fuck him again since they first time turned out to be so damn hot. And there was a fourth dude, an Italian guy, who paid me a visit late late one night that week and had a thing for anal play. But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

7:30p Monday:
"I like to lick" was the opening line in his email. He'd attached his picture and described stats - 5'8", about 160lbs, long blond hair, cute. He was like one of those hippy granola dudes you'd expect to see hitchhiking in Oregon, or something, with a backpack slung on his back. We'd been sending each other titillating texts, things we liked to do, pussy & cock pics, etc. I met him for beer at a bar near my house. I couldn't tell you much about the conversation. He talked a lot. I nodded a lot. What is it with nontrans boys and talking? It's like they're trying to fill up a lot of space with words. I quickly finished my beer because this ain't no meet n' greet. We made our way to my apartment, then to my bedroom, and then my bed where he crawled on top of me like a cat. We made out for a bit. It was hot and wet. Lots of tongue, groping and mashing action. He knew how to undulate his hips like no boy I'd ever been with. When he made his way down to my pussy, I was doing joyful somersaults in my head. The first lick on my clit probably caused my eyes to roll back into my head. By the time he left, I was so sore, but it was the good kind of sore. The kind you get the next day after a particularly intense session at the gym or the kind you get after someone has alternated licking and fucking you for a few hours.

7:15p Tuesday:
Soreness be damned. I was ready for gymrat to come through. All day long he'd been texting me to confirm our date, asking "can I call you?" What is with this dude? Yeah, he was quite eager the first time we hooked up and I rather liked it. But we'd already established that we enjoyed getting each other off, so this whole "can I call you?" thing was a bit much. During my lunch break at work, I go for a walk and give him a ring. He's happy to hear from me, he says in low tones, and just wants to confirm again. We agree again to meet at 7. I hang up feeling worked up, my clit at half mast. Eagerness sometimes really turns me on. When he comes over that night, his kisses are rough and hungry. He lies on top of me, holding me really tightly, his crotch rubbing up on mine. "You like that boy?" He whispers gruffly in my ear, "you like feeling my hard cock?" before biting and sucking on my ear lobe. He unbuttons my jeans, and slides his hand underneath my boxers and onto my pussy. More choice questions are asked, his mouth still on my ear, ear lobe being played with. When he slides his cock into me later, I completely forget about how different this guy and I, about how our paths would probably never cross because we come from such contrasting walks of life. Right then, as he slowly bones me and I grab his smooth ass cheeks because he feels so damn good, we're just two heat-generating-pleasure-seeking bodies.

I looked at R's cock pics on my phone a few times when I was feeling particularly uninspired at work. After one of those quick peeks, I excused myself to the bathroom and emerged 10 minutes later with smile on my face and a serious cramp in my right hand. After that subsided, I texted him, confirming our Saturday afternoon date. I was really looking forward to this one.

12am Friday:
Tony didn't look anything like his picture and I was kind of sore about it. Not the good kind of sore either. I could tell he was nervous though, because he just sat there on the couch with this silly grin on his face and gave monosyllabic answers to everything. To be fair, I don't like that initial face to face "we gotta make small talk to break the ice" bullshit either. We both know why he'd come all this way at this hour, so let's skip the pre-fuck jig. Exactly 7 minutes into our pre-fuck jig I got up and led him to my bedroom. For all that went on in there, only 2 things stand out. The first - his preference for anal play. He wanted me to fuck him with my strap, but to be honest after the uninspired performance he'd just given in the oral and vag sex department, I couldn't be bothered. So I used my finger, which requires substantially less effort. I did this for a short while and, okay, so maybe his moaning and writhing was kind of hot. At that point, though, it was too little too late. The 2nd memorable thing, the finale if you will, was his post-orgasm fart. It fact, I'll just stop right here and leave the rest up to your imagination.

4:45pm Saturday:
It is true. I'm a bit of a size queen. I can't help that the sight of a big erect cock makes me want to furiously rub one out. My all time favorite is what I shall now refer to as "mushroom head". A healthy sized shaft balanced oh so sweetly by a healthy-sized head. That shit feels so good. R and I ended up fucking on the living room futon. I straddled his large thighs. Grabbing hand fulls of my ass in both hands, he literally jammed me onto his dick. Even now, just remembering that does things to me. Makes me tingle and shit. The whole time he's ramming me onto and off his dick, I'm holding onto his bald sweaty head or his broad shoulders, trying not to make dorky sex sounds but making them anyway. I realize then that I like big. Big cocks, true, and I don't pat myself on the back for this, but I'm just being honest. But I also like big stature. I don't need you to be a gym freak or muscle-head. I like the combination of softness and hardness. Big broad, hard shoulders matched by a soft rounded belly. R's belly rubbed against mine. The hair on his chest tickled my nipples. Our skin were almost the same shade of dark brown. His cock stroked a new spot and I spasmed. "I'm gonna cum again," I breathed into his ear. He pulled on my ass, making me take more of him in, and increased his pace.

Saturday Night:
Soreness. I am one sore mf. My body is so jelly-like that all I can do is lie on the couch and stare at the telly for hours. I ride this euphoric wave for a while and pass out sometime after Mad TV.

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