Saturday, August 4, 2012

the musician

just did another hook up with a new guy.  this is the third time we've hooked up.  tall, beautiful, dark skinned dude with locks.  he is a musician by trade.  classical music.  nice guy. closeted.  i'm the first trans guy he has hooked up with, at least that he know's of.  identifies as bi.  the first two times we hooked up he was really nervous.  we chatted for a long time and then i had to make the first move.  at this point in my hook up history i'm used to nervous guys so don't mind it, though i prefer dom guys and/or confident take the lead dudes.

this third time i figured he would have gotten over the nervousness.  not the case.  we chatted about what was going on in our lives for a while and i started to feel impatient.  so again made the first move.  again with his nervouseness....  however we moved onto fucking.

we kiss and make out our clothes still on.  he is an ok kisser.  kissing well is a skill.  i pull his shirt off and take off mine and we make out topless for a bit.  i can feel his hard on through his jeans which i quickly unbutton.  we both strip.  he is hard as a rock.  he has a very thick sizable cock.  nice.  i have not done a big cock in a while and have been craving it.  he climbs on top of me and sucks my nipples, his erect dick brushes my thigh as i moan.  i push him onto his back and take him into my mouth.  he is big and thick so i do my best sucking mostly just the first half.  i grab a condom and lube him up.  i slowly lower myself onto his cock.  i take it real slow as i'm tight.  its been a while since something this big has been inside me.  i ride just the first half for a bit then slowly slide down his full length.  i moan as his cock pops into place and just hold still for a minute feeling him deep.  then i ride him, slowly, sliding up and down his thickness, he moans.  then i'm grinding against him harder.  its a little painful due to his size but i want it.

i pull him on top of me and he fucks me missionary.   his hips pounding between my legs.  at one point he puts my legs on his shoulders and pushes into me deep, but its too much and i push him back. he apologizes and stops, but i shake my head and pull him back into me at a different angle.  i luv missionary but realize missionary is not everyone's strength.... i push him onto his back and ride him.  i tighten myself around his cock on every up stroke.  he moans.  i ride him harder and faster and he groans.  says he's close.  shoots a huge load inside me.

he pulls out and then immediately starts sucking my nipples and playing with my clit.  i'm good but can always cum again.  then he slips his fingers inside my wet cunt.  i moan as he strokes me, finger fucking me slowly while sucking my nipples, his fingers are deep in me and he strokes me until i cum again.  i lie back exhausted.  he runs his fingertips up and down my chest slowly - just enjoying the feel of my body.  it feels amazing til we both doze off.

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