Saturday, August 11, 2012

virgin play

This guy and i had been chatting on and off on one of the sites for a while.  i want to say its been six months or so.  He's very cute in his pics.  Short, thin white dude, a bit of a hipster look.  He is gay, only fucks non-trans dudes, he says he's never done a trans guy.

he also says he's not into hook ups he is more of the dating type.  i'm thinking why are you looking for dates on this site, but from the start i am clear i'm NSA but luv a good fuck bud.  this is good with him so we kept chatting and arrange a date to meet.

dude gets to my place and he has this nerdy awkward thing going which i like.  we sit and chat on my couch for a bit.  usual prefuck chat.  at one point i'm talking about my current NSA/non dating place in my life and he says 'you mean this is not a date?'.  i kind of laugh thinking he's joking but then realize maybe he's not and i say 'no its not'.  he pauses for a second and then just says ok.  whatever... i was clear with dude from the get about the situation if he chose not to listen its not my issue.

we move on from that awkward moment to a bit more awkwardness as conversation wanes and its clear someone is going to have to make a move.  he is very nervous and its seems i'm gonna have to be the one so i lean in and we start kissing and making out.  i tell him we should go to my bedroom.

we kiss and make out some more.  i pull off his shirt and pants and take off mine.  he is hard and i bend down and take him into my mouth.  he groans.  i reach for a condom, slip it on and lube him up.  he climbs on top of me, spreads my legs and after a moment of hesitation pushes into me.  hot.  missionary is my favorite.  he strokes me slowly, moaning, then harder and faster til he cums.  its good, not incredible but good.

afterwards he admits that while he dated a woman once they didn't fuck.  i've fucked dudes before who have never fucked a pussy/front hole but they usually admit it to me ahead of time.

as we are lying back in that post fuck stupor he asks if he can see me gesturing towards my crotch.  i laugh and say of course.  i spread my legs and he reaches down and frees my cock.  he says 'wow' and has this look of amazement and wonder on his face like its the most incredible thing he has ever seen.  he says 'wow it looks like a tiny dick' i laugh out loud cuz he looks exactly like a little kid in a candy store. he asks if he can touch it.  i say of course.  he begins to stroke me and jerk me off the whole time with this look of wonderment and amazement on his face.  its quite cute.  i lay back and let him jerk me off til i cum again.

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