Thursday, October 18, 2012

a daddy fuck

it was about 11pm.  i had just gotten home after a party which i left early.  i was feeling a bit down.  not a good reason to go on a hook up but it is what it is.  i know that sometimes i use hookups as an escape mechanism.  gotta write a piece about that.

i get on the sites and immediately this guy who i had chatted with before hit me up.  he has a nice body lots of tats which i'm into but is only somewhat attractive to me.  however he lives a few blocks away so i decide to go for it.

i grab my supplies and a few beers and head over to his place.  he is older than he looks in his pics still only somewhat attractive to me.  he has this old, latin daddy thug type thing going though that is a bit of a turn on.  we open the beers.  i take a drink and he pulls me towards him.  starts kissing me and feeling my body.  i put the beer down.  no prefuck chat needed here.  he says you are so hot.  you look just like a little boy.  he unbuttons his khakis.  i kneel down.  he says 'suck daddy's cock boy'.  i take him into my mouth.  he is already hard.  sizable and uncut.  i go at him.  he grabs my head with his hands guiding my strokes.  i try to deep throat him but he's too big.

i pull back and go to my bag for condoms and lube.  i slip a condom on him and lube him up.  he bends me over his couch, spreads my legs and pushes into me.  i slow him down as he is big and i need to get used to him.  when i'm ready i push back hard and he starts to pound me.  hands on my hips fucking me hard his balls smacking into my clit as he fucks me.  this goes on for quite sometime, hard, rough fucking.  then i stop him and lie back on his couch.  he mounts me slides his dick into me  and pounds his hips between my legs.  he says 'you like daddy's cock boy?'  as he's fucking me.

then he turns me over onto my stomach and push his cock into me from behind.  grinding into me, my face smashed into his couch, he plays with my clit as he fucks me and i cum hard.

i pull him down onto the couch and get on top of him.  i slide down his cock and ride him.  i tighten around his cock on each upward stroke.  he moans 'yeah boy'.  i fuck him hard and fast til he cums, shooting a huge load inside me.

i slip off him, ask to use his bathroom, pee, dress, grab my stuff, thank him and kiss him goodbye.  he tells me to text him so he know's i got home ok.

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