Sunday, July 7, 2013

the beach town

a couple of friends and I rented a house in a nearby beach town – one of those gay beach towns. We were just gonna be there for a few nights. When evening hit we decided to head to the local gay bar. I'm with a group of queer and trans folks but i'm the only one mainly into guys so when we get to the bar and see its about 98% guys i'm quite pleased, my friends not so much. We get drinks and hang and chat. I can see that my friends are not so into it so when a cute gay boy comes over and starts flirting with me they decide they can make an exit and bid me farewell for the nite.

Cute gay boy and I continue to flirt. At some point he mentions his monogamous boyfriend of 7 years and its clear to me he's just flirting for the hell of it and is plastered as all hell. He's nice though so we keep chatting. At some point he makes an exit with said boyfriend who does not seem too happy when he sees us talking and exchanging digits, I'm very respectful of other folks relationships so I have no intentions he just seems like a nice guy. Regardless now i'm trying to decide if I should stay or go when out of nowhere a cute tall guy wearing very short shorts is standing next to me.

We start chatting a bit and then he says lets get closer to the stage so we can see the show. Its drag nite. Now he is standing behind me and he starts grinding his cock against my ass. Hot and I can feel that he's hard. I reach back and grab his dick first through his shorts then down them. I let this go on for a minute then I turn around and put my hand on his chest to give a bit of distance between us and say, 'i'm totally cool to play but I need to tell you i'm a trans guy'. I'm unsure how he is going to react as i've been on the sites since I got to town and have been having zero luck. however he doesn't miss a beat and says 'cool, no problem'. However I have heard that before so I say 'do you know what a trans guy is?'. He says 'yes'. Still not convinced I say 'tell me then'. He laughs and says 'female to male, right, u used to be a girl'. I smile, 'cool'. I ask, 'did you know I was trans when you hit me up?' he says, 'no I just thought u were really hot'. Nice.

Then he bends down and kisses me and I place my hand back on his dick. We make out for a bit longer and he says 'do you want to go to the beach'. I nod. He grabs my hand and we leave the bar. We walk a short distance down the board walk. Its late and there are not a lot of people out. He pulls me into the entrance way of a building. We start kissing and making out. He pulls out his dick and I bend down and take him into my mouth. I blow him for a while then I pull a condom out and ask if he wants to fuck. He nods. I hand him the condom, drop my pants and bend over. He pushes his dick into me from behind. Fucking me hard. He is very thick. Anyone walking by would clearly see us fucking but no one does. He tells me he wants me to ride him and that we should actually go to the beach. Cool however I only have one condom. The beach is close so I ask him to make sure to keep the condom on while we walk over – lol.

We walk a short distance more and turn down a pier, we get to the end, but the beach is kind of rocky so I stop him and say lets just fuck on the pier. Its very dark outside. Anyone walking by would clearly see two people fucking but its the kind of gay town where public sex is pretty routine. We sit and kiss. He pulls down his shorts and I ride him. After a bit he has gone soft and he turns me onto my back and begins blowing me. He is very good. He finger fucks me as he sucks my clit until I cum hard clenching around his fingers. I pull his fingers out and start blowing him. He moans. I really want to fuck you some more, he says. Me too but the only condom we had is no longer usable. He says we can go back to his place, however his place is kind of far. My place is very close but i'm sharing a bed with a friend so that's a no go.

I say lets walk to my place and I can get more condoms and then go back to the beach. He says cool. We both put our clothes back on. We chat as we are walking. We quickly are at my place. I tell him to wait outside while I go in to grab supplies. My roomie is still up and asks whatsup. I say I will tell yuh in the morn just came to get condoms and a towel. He laughs. I grab my supplies and head back out.

Dude and I walk a short distance to the beach this part of the beach is sandy and beautiful. We walk a short distance down and I lay down a towel. We both strip from the waist down. He starts sucking me off again. I lay back and look at the stars as he blow me til I cum. I suck him off til he's hard, slip a condom on and ride him. We fuck like this for at least an hour. Alternating between him blowing and finger fucking me and me blowing him until he's hard enough to fuck me. He keeps going soft which I learn is because he has been 'partying'... we go through a ridiculous amount of condoms. after an hour of this i'm starting to get sore and he still has not cum so I tell him I can't do anymore and he is gonna have to jerk off. I lie back and watch him stroke himself until he shoots a huge load on my chest. Which is hot but later not so much as I have to walk back to the place i'm staying with his cum making my shirt stick to my chest...

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