Friday, August 12, 2011

daddy bear

while i have alot of luv for bears and would do one now and again (my sunday afternoon bear) i would always say that bears were not my ideal cup of tea.  however who i find hot shifts and changes over time.  lately i have had a huge thing for bears, daddy bears to be specific.  i always have luv for a hot daddy, and every now and again get a craving for a sexy bear, but a daddy bear, that's new for me. 
however, i had not been able to arrange a hook up with one.  this guy and i had been chatting on and off.  total daddy bear (that is how he self identifies) but he is not so attractive to me.  so i know this is not right, but he does however have a beautiful cock, thick with a huge head, its just so hot.  i asked my best friend is it wrong to hook up with this dude just because of his cock, he said, of course not, go for it.

its funny i was talking to a hook up recently, hot sexy dark skinned dude (gonna write a piece about him soon), swapping stories, which i luv to do, and i told him there is this one dude i hookup with who is not attractive to me however he has an amazing cock, i say thats wrong huh, the hookups says, 'nah man, u find a cock u like stick to it'.  

so we arrange to meet up.  i get to his place and on first glance he's not attractive to me.  white guy, all bear, medium height, dark hair, ok looking, i prefer my bears big and tall when i do a bear.  but i'm there so as usual i'm like what the hell.  we chat a little.  he's a wealthy bear, fancy apartment.

we go to his bedroom and start kissing and making out.  i'm his first trans guy, he is gay, just fucks non trans dudes, so i think we are both a little unsure, however he says 'wow, ur hot, way hotter than ur pics' as he kisses me and plays with my nipples.  i'm getting very turned on.  there is something about this dude that is really getting me going.

i pull off my shirt and he wraps his lips around one of my nipples.  i reach down and stroke his cock though his boxers.  he is very hard.  i pull of his boxers and take his cock into my mouth.  he really does have an amazing cock.  incredibly thick with a humongous head.  its beautiful.  i really have never seen a head that big - i luv it.  i luv just sucking the head, my lips sliding over its beautiful smoothness, really, i could do that all night.  i blow him for a bit but i really want him inside me. 

condom i say, he really is quite sizable so i'm wondering what kind of condoms he uses (magnum xl), he grabs one and slides it on.  i lube him up substantially as he is very thick and i tell him to go slow as he pushes his cock inside me. its fucking amazing.  i have never fucked a guy with such a thick head and it feels incredible - like he's hitting all the right places.  he fucks me for a while.  he likes to be on top (which i prefer).  he spreads my legs, pushes his thick head in and out of my cunt, stroking me, long full strokes, so i feel all of him, every inch, it feels so fucking amazing.  i'm getting turned on as i'm writing this.

and every now and then as we are fucking he says "are you daddy's boy?" and between my moans and writhing i manage a nod or a yes.  

then he says he needs to take a break.  pulls out and lies on his side.  reaches down and plays with my clit while he wraps his lips around a nipple.  he really knows what he's doing.  i can't believe he just fucks non trans guys.  he's stroking my clit just perfectly.  so hot.  i cum a couple times.  i'm so turned on.  i grab  a condom and slide on top of him.  i ride him, feeling his cock stretching me, he turns me onto my back and plunges his cock into me, fucks me hard and fast, pushes my legs over my head, says he's getting close, pulls out and pushes my head towards his cock.

i pull off the condom and wrap my lips around him, teasing his balls with my fingers, he groans, as i slide him down my throat, stroking his cock with my lips, he says "good boy, ur daddy's boy", i feel him start to cum and pull back as i don't want him to cum down my throat and i take him in my mouth, milking his cock (i don't usually let hookups cum in my mouth - just got a bit carried away...). 

then we cuddle and rest for a while.  i run my fingers up and down his chest, he's very hairy, not usually my thing, however this guy really gets me going.  we start kissing again and i can feel that he's hard.  i take him into my mouth and stroke his beautiful cock.  fuck me - i say.  he say's 'i don't know if i can do it again but we can try, you've got me going again'.  he slips on a condom and pushes inside me.  fucks me missionary style, i raise my hips to meet each stroke, he moans, we fuck frantically, hard and fast and i can feel myself cumming, i groan and grab onto him as i cum.  he pulls out and i lie back exhausted.

he doesn't cum but i'm too tired to care and i figure if he wanted to he would (i sometimes feel self conscious about if a dude cums or not, like if he doesn't that its because of me or something which is clearly bullshit and my own shit, so i try not to feel that way and remind myself that if a dude wants to cum he pretty much across the board most definitely will...). 

typical daddy he asks if i'm hungry, says i can stay the night if i want.  i almost never stay the night at a hook ups place, just a thing i have.  however i am tempted, but i can't i don't have a change of clothes or anything and i need to work the next day.  so we cuddle for a bit more and i don't want to leave but i know i should so i clean up, grab my shit and kiss him as i walk out the door.

new luv for the moment - daddy bears

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