Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my sunday afternoon bear

i had hooked up with one of my regulars friday night. he's what i think of as a marathoner, meaning, i know if we're gonna hook up i won't get home until 3am at the earliest and that i may need the next day to recuperate (which i did). however, i had been feeling the need for something new, yet had not been having much success.

its now sunday afternoon and i'm just lazing around, i have my sites up but am not paying a whole lot of attention when i notice a new message. the subject says "FTMs drive me wild"

ok, that catches my eye. I check him out. he's a big, 6ft something, 280lb, bear. Much luv to all the bears out there, however bears are not usually my thing.

But every once in a while I get a craving.

He's cute and is a 5 minute bike ride away (again my thing for anything local).

We chat some, turns out he's never been with an ftm before, but has been wanting to for sometime and finds the idea incredibly hot. I tell him what i'm into and ask what he'd like to do - he says theoretically he would like to finger fuck and pussy fuck me, theoretically cuz he's never done either before, but no kissing cuz he has a boyfriend (open relationship).

Sounds good to me. i kinda luv that he said "theoretically".

Then he says you know i'm a big guy right. I say I like big guys.

He only has an hour or so before his boyfriend gets home. So i head over. I get to his place, big place, you can tell a couple lives there. We sit down on his couch. He says he would never know that I'm trans - that i even walk like a guy - I just had to put that in cuz i thought it was interesting - what does a guy walk like? Anyways, we're chatting and i'm very aware of time.

He says he's really nervous. Sometimes nervousness is a turn off and sometimes I love it. In this case I love it. Dude is almost 3x my weight and way over a foot taller and i'm making him nervous - its very cute.

Its clear i'm gonna have to take the lead which is also not so much my thing, i'm on the sub side, but sometimes taking the lead is hot and in this case it is so I say babe don't be nervous and i stroke his face. then i climb on top of his lap and kiss his neck while i grind against him. I pull of his shirt and help him with his pants. I strip. he's sitting on the couch, he's such a big mountain of a guy i kneel down in front of him and take his cock into my mouth. he's semi erect so i help him out. he moans as i guide my lips up and down his shaft.

i climb back up on top of him so i'm sitting on his lap. i take his hand and i guide his fingers into me. he starts stroking my cunt with his long thick fingers. i ask him if he likes it, he moans and nods. I ask if he wants to fuck me. he nods. i grab a condom and slip it over his dick. then i guide him into me. he squeezes my nipples as i ride him. he cums quickly - but its very hot. he apologizes for cumming so quickly, says he was just so nervous. I say no prob man, don't worry about it. he says with a grin if we meet again i promise i will last longer. i smile - nice.

I clean up, get dressed and head out. He says, 'thanks man' as i'm heading out the door. I get home and text him - Thanks - you made my sunday much more interesting.

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