Friday, April 5, 2013

nice guy - invisible trans allies

its friday and i have the day off.  for once i have absolutely nothing that i have to do except i want to hit the gym.  i'm feeling a bit frisky so i get on a couple of the sites.  a couple of dudes hit me up but no one who is available right now and/or interesting to me.  then a dude hits me up, no pic but he sends me a couple as he messages me, he's attractive, not hot but attractive.  dom verbal top and he is available soon.  perfect.  we arrange to meet in two hours which gives me enough time to hit the gym first.

i'm back from the gym and dude shows up soon after.  he mostly looks like his pic which is cool.  i'm looking for a hit and split type of situation not looking to chat much.  i'm his first trans guy.  we exchange a few usual pre fuck how are you's then get right to it.  he has an average cock which is perfect cuz i did a really big thick dude the other day and don't think i can do it again.  we kiss and he plays with my nipples.  we strip to our drawers and he motions to his cock.  i pull out his cock and take him into my mouth.  he's not hard so i suck him off, love the feeling of a cock growing in my mouth.

once he's hard he pushes me back on the bed.  i pull down my briefs and he sucks me off.  he's good, not great but good.  he pulls back and spreads my legs.  i stop him and grab a condom.  he pushes into me.  slowly as i take the full length of him moaning.  he fucks me slow at first, long slow strokes, then he's pounding into me my legs on his shoulders.  he turns me over and fucks me doggie, pushing my head into the bed as he fucks me hard and rough.  i can only do so much doggie so i stop him and ride him.  my cunt milking his cock til i cum then he cums soon after shooting inside me.

this was a good fuck.  not spectacular but good.  afterwards we are just chatting over a beer.  he tells me he is 40 something, born in argentina, lived in the states most of his life, doesn't have a boyfriend right now. and then he tells me about his 'nephew' who is trans (male to female).  at first i'm turned of that he keeps using male pronouns for this person and i try to correct him.  

he has only met this person two or three times and doesn't know the name this person uses now but he tells me how his brother often calls him to discuss his 'nephew'/niece.  he tells me how he constantly corrects them when they call this person gay and explains that they are trans and straight.

he tells me about how he tells his brother over and over that he needs to be there for his child, that god does not create anything that is wrong and that his child is a child of god, that he needs to show compassion and show love and get his child the medical care so they can transition to a woman.  now i'm not religious at all but i'm feeling alot of love for this dude. his niece likely has no idea that she has an uncle advocating for her as they have barely even met.

i say to him, you are a really good guy and your niece is lucky to have you.

he cleans up and we part with a quick kiss.

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