Sunday, April 14, 2013

the body builder

i just got home from the gym and was feeling frisky.  dude hit me up on one of the sites. i didn't look to closely at his stats, but saw that he is a body builder.  hot.  we arrange to meet up in half an hour.  i do some random stuff around the house then grab my supplies and hop on my bike.  i get to his place and realize this guy is humongous.  he says he is 6'4 or 6'6 or something around there and weighs 270 pounds of which i would say the majority is muscle.  he gives me a big bear hug saying 'you are so cute'.  as he hugs me my face ends up somewhere between his belly and his chest.  his chest is so broad it seems like it would take at least 3 of me to make up his width.  he says he is off season right now so not to be frightened next time i see him as he will be even bigger.

he leads me into his apartment and asks where i want to fuck.  i motion towards his bedroom.  i climb up on his bed which is quite high up.  he kisses me pushing his hand down my pants and sliding his thick fingers into me.  i moan as he strokes me.  then he pulls out his cock.

now i've done some big dicks before (i couldn't get it in) but this was ridiculous.  it was not very long maybe 6, but it was the thickest cock i have ever seen.  probably about an orange in thickness, think sunkist not organic.  he pushes my head towards his cock and i give it my best go but really can only somewhat suck on the head.  i pull back and hand him a condom which i already know is going to be way to small.  i lube him up well.  i ask if i can be on top and he says he doesn't like to do it that way so i say cool, just go real slow, and lay back.

he puts the head to my cunt and begins to push in.  his cock is stretching me painfully and i guide his pace until i can take him.  then he begins to fuck me.  pushing his thick cock into me.  its slightly painful and really good all at once.  he fucks me faster his massive body slamming between my thighs.  i go as long as i can and then it just hurts.  i stop him.  he asks what's wrong.  i say, 'dude you are fucking huge!' he says 'but you have such a nice tight pussy'.  i say 'i think you are gonna have to jerk off man i'm sorry'.  i say 'if you let me ride you i may be able to take more, i can take more on top'.

he says ok and lies back.  i climb on top of him.  i slowly slide him in just the head at first until i can take it all.  then i ride him.  it feels incredible.  i'm able to take him all and it feels amazing his cock stretching me my clit rubbing against him.  i place my hands on his massive chest and milk his cock, rocking up and down his thickness.  he moans.  i ride him faster and harder.  i'm gonna cum he growls.  fuck yeah i say riding him hard until he groans and shoots inside me.

i roll of him and curl up on the bed for second, worn out.  then i pull myself together, clean up, thank him and hop back on my bike.

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