Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rough and Deep

He was so taciturn and surly when he came over, like I'd done him wrong or something. At least 6 feet tall if not 6'6". I almost strained my neck looking up at him. Longish hair that he knotted together at the base of his neck. Fit-it with a brim obscuring the top half of his face, which had beautfully arranged features when i finally got a full peek at it. We probably said 5 sentences to each other. One of them being "i like to fuck". At least we had that in common.

Back in my room I sat on the bed and he stood before me, dick drawn, ready and aimed at my mouth. It quickly went from half to full mast once my tongue hit the head. I sucked all 9.5 inches of him for a short bit. It was an uninspired blow job because i was still disconcerted by the weird vibe between us. From the soft sounds he was making i could tell the blow job was doing a lot for him. But it wasn't doing much for me so I threw a condom at him and unceremoniously announced "lets fuck". He motioned for me to flip over. That was the thing about him - his authoritativeness. It was the 1st thing I noticed when he walked through my front door, this "I own shit. I make shit happen" vibe about him. It was a turn on and turn off at the same time. It's what stood in the way of our conversation and was the other muthafucka in the room that I was doing my damnest to  ignore. At the same, that air of entitlement around him was one of his most alluring qualities. Quite a dilemma.

So I flipped over into doggy and worried about how he was going to fit. From the first plunge the authoritative vibe, that "chip on the shoulder" persona that was both distracting and captivating, took over and I gave myself over to whatever the fuck it wanted to do. His dick was big and thick and it fit so snuggly within me that I had to fight an orgasmic fit within 5 seconds of our fucking. I don't even know how to begin describing the next 30 mins of straight-up animalistic humping and the intense pleasure of it. It was the kind of fucking that two strangers have when there's nothing to lose, low-stakes, wild abandon, and all that. He fucked me deeply grabbing and kneading my ass cheeks. Pulling all the way out and plunging in fully. Fast, slow, soft, hard. He was like one of those blending devices with a thousand and one speed settings.

And he was a quiet fucker too. All that exertion, yet he still managed to not utter a peep. At one point I turned around and watched his face. Whatever he wasn't expressing verbally was splashed all over his face; teeth bared and gnashed together, eyes squashed close. The sight of it made me hornier and wetter and he slipped in deeper. He sighed then and quickened his rhythm. God it felt deliciously good. I moved my ass, met his thrusts and he groaned, his first sound since we started fucking. He grabbed onto my ass, dipped me lower so my ass stuck out more then fucked me with long strokes. I could tell he was close because he was kneading the hell out of my ass cheeks; he was fucking me so fast and so deep. Suddenly he pushed into me hard and grunted as if in pain, then I felt his dick throbbing deep inside me. Those little movements brought on my orgasm and I grabbed and squeeze the bedsheets like crazy as this intense spasm took over my entire body.

I've jerked off many many times remembering and fantasizing about this dude and the way he wielded that dick, those deep strokes, the friction caused by his smooth dick just sliding in and out of me. Yeah, he was one surly and arrogant fucker, but in my fantasies, he's ordering me to contort my body into new and complicated positions he can fuck the shit outta me in.

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