Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hook-Up Motel

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Hook-Up Motel

 “I love to kiss,” he texted back after I asked how he liked to fuck. “I love to just be naked and grind on another hot naked body. I love to suck on big clits.” We’d met through craigslist, emailed, exchanged pics, and liked what we both saw. The texting started soon after. It was a week day morning and I was horny as fuck. Luckily I had a few hours before I had to be at work and he had a car. He picked me up a few blocks from my house. I was taken aback when I first laid eyes on him. He actually looked like his picture. More attractive even. (Usually there’s some discrepancy between the picture and reality. Often times reality doesn’t quite measure up to the picture.) I started feeling like a lookist fuck for staring at the poor guy, but I couldn’t help it. He was just such a beautiful black man and he had these captivating brown eyes. Broad shoulders and chest. Some of my favorite parts of a guy’s body.

He drove us out of my ‘hood and onto the nearest highway. I asked if he had any trans people in his life.
“My best friend is a trans man. She…I mean, he came to me one day and was like ‘I’m a dude. I’m gonna take hormones.’ ”
He shared how he witnessed his friend’s transition over the years and saw the emotional turmoil brought on by family rejection. Then he talked about how one night they both got drunk and fucked silly.
“I was surprised at how much I got into it, but I didn’t trip because I’ve never been one of those dudes to trip over being attracted to men. Every once in a while I see a dude and think ‘damn he’s fine’ and that’s just the way it is.”
I found it hard to believe that he’d never had some moment in his life when he struggled with the reality of this desires. “Well I guess because my mom went with women and I grew up seeing this as normal, so it never occurred to me to feel weird about who I’m attracted to.” I marveled at this. Imagine growing up with openly queer parents. How different would my life be if this were my background?

We drove into the motel parking lot and I realized I’d never done this before. As long as I’ve been fucking around I’d never hooked up in a motel before. How could this be?  Well, this was going to be an adventure. At the check-in table I noticed that he paid without even asking for the price. Interesting. But far be it from me to judge. The room was so mundane that I couldn’t really tell you what it looked like, though I remember how soft and big the bed was. We stood in front of each other awkwardly for a moment or two. I could tell he was a bit nervous. I started to feel kinda shy. Maybe it was because we were about to fuck in a motel. I was getting really turned on by the reality of us being there for that reason. I turned on the flat screen in the hopes of finding a music station. The first thing that popped up was…porn. Not NBC or HBO or MTV. Just porn. I changed the channel and there was yet more porn. In this one, a long black shlong disappeared, almost fully, into a blond white woman’s mouth. Homeboy and I looked at each other and laughed at the pure honesty of it. This is a hook-up motel. Why pretend to be otherwise?

Inspired by the porn, we got right to it. We kissed and it was wet and sloppy, with lips and tongues going in every which way. Sucking on each other’s lips, tongues making contact, entangling and breaking free. Repeating the cycle over and over. He took his shirt off and I got to feel his soft warm skin. Mine came off next. I unbuckled his belt and slipped my hands through the front of his pants into his briefs. I gently stroked his dick which felt so smooth and hard, head slightly wet from pre-cum. His mouth was still latched onto in mine. Tongue seeking and locating mine. Finally I got his pants and briefs off and couldn’t help rubbing my hands on all over his round firm ass. He had a really nice round ass. I groped, squeezed and grabbed handfuls of that shit and ground on his dick.  After a a few minutes of serious vertical dry humping, he pushed me onto the bed and pulled my pants off in one fluid motion. When he got on top, I wrapped my legs around his hips. His face dipped to my neck and started licking me, sucking on my ear lobes. I bit and sucked on his neck and shoulder. One of his hands crept down my stomach to my pussy where he began jerking my cock. I caressed his hot ass some more and played with his ass hole, dipping a finger in and out. I felt his dick grow even more rigid and leak more pre-cum on my thigh. I love that shit. He grabbed it and rubbed it on my hard clit. “That’s the hottest shit I’ve ever seen…” he muttered, looking down between our bodies at our dicks touching and rubbing.

Sliding down to my pussy, he sucked my dick loudly, causing me to grow hornier and harder. He pulled away suddenly, grabbing and slapping on a magnum. I turned over because I wanted doggy. I wanted him to ram into me hard and fast. Instead I felt his hot breath on my ass and his warm wet tongue encircling my asshole. He licked me for a while and for the first time I actually allowed myself to relax and enjoy it. Usually I’m a prude when it comes to certain types of ass play, ass eating being one of them. But this time it was driving me wild. His thumb replaced his tongue while his dick firmly pushed into my pussy. Oh my god. It felt so unbelievably good. It wasn’t like he was that big, but he was just the perfect size for me. He fucked me slowly for a while, withdrawing completely then slowly plunging back in. It was the most delicious feeling. He kept tightening his grip on my ass, plunging deeper with each thrust and moaning “shit” and “fuck” in response. With his thumb he started fucking my ass while still fucking my pussy. It was such a hot combination of fullness, friction and wetness. His finger buried deep in my ass and his dick doing the slow-n’-deep-thrustin thing. I about lost my mind. We were being very loud too. Moaning and grunting loudly, blending sounds with the porn and creating this raunchy as hell soundtrack. I’m always more turned on by a guy who is vocal. A guy who can’t help but make strange, funny sounds when he’s feeling good.

“Fuck I’m about to cum.” Then “I wanna cum on your ass and back,” he said with some effort. And I wanted that too. I wanted to feel his hot cum splashing on me. I started matching his thrusts, making him speed up because this slow and deep shit was like torture.
“Ohh fu..” He withdrew quickly, slipped off the condom and it felt like hot wax was being splashed all over my back and ass. I have a serious cum fetish. I love watching guys shoot cum on my body – stomach, chest, back, all over. The more cum the better. And this guy had cum for days.

We chatted a little after cleaning up, but we got horny again and fucked some more. This time he pinned my legs over my head and pounded the hell out of my pussy, whispering “I could do this shit all day,” somewhere near my ear. I wrapped my hands around his neck and brought him closer to me, skin rubbing on skin, our bodies covered in a thin layer of sweat. My hands drifted down to his round ass and I grabbed, pushing him deeper. He shifted and hit this spot deep within me and that did it for me. I came loudly. It felt so good to be loud and not have to worry about neighbors. After all we weren’t the only ones fucking up in here. People were holed up in rooms all over this dingy-ass place doing the deed. Licking, sucking, fucking, fingering, etc. Doing all manners of things to each others’ bodies and it kinda felt good to be in solidarity with them. We laid there, him on top of me, panting, recovering from the quick intense fuck that had just taken place.

After he dropped me off at the station later that, I boarded the train feeling freshly fucked and all kinds of happy. That’s when it hit me: oh shit, what the fuck was his name?


  1. Haha, I couldn't help but laugh at the last line. Congrats on blogging for OP, I'm so glad to y'all getting out there and all. This is one of my favorite blogs, and I seriously follow over 250 blogs (no lie). Don't stop your awesome #slowclap

  2. those are such beautifully encouraging words. thanks z :)

  3. love this blog. it's nice to see people openly, proudly discussing what is normally considered taboo.

    starting hormones, has allowed me to feel more free and open in regards to my sexuality. on that same note, it's changed my body in many ways, and now i have no idea what i like or don't like anymore. it's nice to have a role model in the ways of sex i guess you could say. cis-folks have maintstream porn as inaccurate as it can be, and i have this blog.

  4. thanks so much. hormones definitely shifted our attractions in different ways. hope that exploring your likes and dislikes is fun and sexy : )