Friday, July 1, 2011

cab fare

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so i'm having a really slow weekend.  i had tried to arrange a hook up saturday with no luck.  i'm in a mood where i don't want to travel too far so i've definitely turned down some offers but i'm feeling a bit down, why is it so hard to arrange something local... i'm also a bit bored and am looking for something new and interesting as well. 

so its sunday afternoon, i just got back from the gym and i decide to log into my sites (for those new to this blog i mean A4A and Manhunt).  i had chatted with a couple of dudes the day before but they were all further away then i was willing to travel.  one of the guys from the night before hits me up, he's attractive, not hot but attractive, white guy, medium build, and also interesting, he's been with trans guys before, seems cool, he's also a bit of daddy, i've been majorly into older daddy types these days.  however he lives very far away, so far that even if i was up to travel he would be a stretch.

all his message says is - i will pay for a cab.  i message back really?  you live very far, it could be pricey.  he said its fine.  come over.  so i consider it.

i'm not into desperate guys which to me offering to pay a pricey cab ride sounds desperate however i also get that there are people way beyond my economic class (which this guy could be he told me he recently gave up a 2nd apartment, most people i know struggle to stay in one apartment) for whom paying for a cab is no big thing.  i ask my best bud what he thinks.  he says go for it.  so i'm up for a bit of adventure.    i tell him ok, you're on.

so i shower and head out.  the cab ride is pricey and on the way i'm thinking what if i get there and he doesn't want to pay or something goes wrong, i can't afford that type of hit to my budget.  so this is all making me a little nervous on top of that the cab driver has no idea where he is going and neither do i.  the cabbie keeps asking me where i'm going and i keep saying a friends place, but i've never been there before - what am i supposed to say - i'm gonna go meet some dude i met online to fuck?

finally get to his place.  he's not hot, but attractive guy.  i am dropping my bag and getting settled.  he says here before i forget how much was the cab, i tell him and he doesn't blink, gives me enough cash for me to take a cab back  home.  i feel weird taking so much cash from him and say its too much he says, 'no, you traveled far, take it'.

so i don't like to have people pay for me like that, but at this point it is what it is and i can't afford to pay it myself.  he says, you are so cute and kisses me.  we kiss and make out.  he pulls of my shirt, sucks my nipples, the whole time he is complementing my body, 'man you are so hot', 'i luv your body', 'look at those muscles', 'you're so sexy'.

we both strip and i kneel down between his legs and suck his cock.  he's big and thick which i appreciate.

he turns me onto the bed, sucks my nipples some more, tongues my clit some, then says can we fuck.  of course, i smile.  condom?  he slips one on, i lube him up and i tell him to go slow at first as he's big.  he slides his cock slowly into me.  stroking gently until he's all the way inside me.  i groan as his cock slides into place.  he begins stroking me the full length of him sliding in and out.  i raise my hips to meet him and he fucks me harder.  pushes my legs over my head pounding me.  we fuck like this, multiple positions, nearly non stop for 3 hours.  its very hot.  i cum numerous times.

about half way through we take a break.  he's a talker.  kind of talks non stop.  he's nice and seems up on trans guys.  he asks what he can call my breasts, pussy, clit.  i say he can call them whatever he likes, that i don't care, however some trans guys do so i appreciate him asking.  he says yeah he knows and he respects whatever i want them called.  cool guy.

he's bi and plays with both boys and girls pretty equally.  he's interesting and has done alot of different things in his life.  lately i need my hook ups to be interesting in some way, i mean sex is great, but i've been getting a little bored lately and i need a little more than small talk and a fuck.  small talk and an interesting fuck or interesting talk and a good to hot fuck are all good.

so we continue to fuck, at one point he asks if he can bareback me, says he just tested neg (so many people don't know that testing neg just means you're neg as of three months ago...), i manage to not let my libido get the better of me and tell him no, he says cool no problem and proceeds to fuck me with condom until i just can't take it anymore, i'm worn out and starting to feel sore, i mean its been three hours.  so i say where do you want to cum cuz i can't go much longer.  he laughs as i rest on top of him his cock still hard as a rock inside me.  he says don't worry about it, i'll jerk off.

so we rest and chat some more.  we talk gender and sexuality - cool guy - the talk gets me turned on again i kiss him and stroke his cock with my hand.  he's still hard as hell.  he stops me reaches over and grabs some lube and begins jerking off, he tell me to suck his balls.  i  kneel down wrap my mouth around them and play with his balls in my mouth, he moans, shoots a huge load all over my chest.  hot.

we lie in bed resting.  he's been complimenting me the entire time - how hot and sexy i am etc.  he also keeps saying how masculine i am.  which is interesting, i feel like a lot of guys have said that to me.  its interesting because i actually don't feel masculine, i know lots of trans guys do, but I don't, and its not that i feel feminine, or like a mix or fluid.  i just don't have a word to describe my gender.  he actually asks if i feel like there are still feminine parts of me and i just say no, cuz the real answer is too complicated for a first fuck. 

anyways, i like him and don't really want to rush out, typical daddy he asks if he can buy me dinner, but i have somewhere to be i did not expect this to be a long session.  Plus i don't have dinner with my hook ups - rarely a drink at a bar and only once have i let one cook me breakfast - i'm very clear this is not dating this is fucking.

so i tell him i can't, shower, get my shit together and use his cash to hop a cab home.

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