Monday, February 13, 2012

'its like you're just any guy i invited over to fuck'

i did this new fuck the other day.   dark skinned guy of color, late 20's, stereotypical gay boy hot.  he only fucks boys, i am his first trans guy.

i get to his place we chat some, usual pointless prefuck chat then we get to fucking.  he is also a dom top - which for those who follow this blog know is a love of mine.  he is sitting back on his couch shirtless, toned chest, just a pair of shorts.  we start making out.  i'm rubbing his sizable cock through his shorts.  he pulls back and says 'you want this' looking towards his cock.  i nod.  he unzips and pulls out his dick.  he is already hard.  'suck it' he says.  i kneel between his legs and take him into my mouth.  he groans.  i slide my lips up and down his cock then take him down my throat.  after a bit he stops me he reaches down and pulls of my shirt then pushes my head back towards his cock.  he plays with my nipples as i suck him off.

'can i fuck that' he asks.  i nod.  stand up.  drop my shorts and grab a condom.  'sit on it' he says.  i slip on the condom lube him up and straddle him.  i slowly slide my cunt down his cock.  he moans as i take him in.  then i ride him.  sliding up and down his hard dick.  taking him in fully.  riding him hard.  'lets go to the bed' he says.  i nod.  slide off him and lie back on his bed.  he kneels between my legs and pushes his cock into me.  fucks me hard, our bodies pressed tightly together, his hips slamming between my legs, i'm gonna cum he groans, 'cum man' i say.  he fucks me faster and harder til he groans and shoots.

this was a good hot fuck.  however there are two things about this hook up that i loved and they both occurred after the fucking.

after he fucked the hell out of me we are lying back in bed chatting.  during this usual post fuck chat he only asked me one question related to me being trans, he asked when i started to transition, then he never mentioned it again.  i think this struck me as interesting because most gay (not bi or 'straight' or queer) dudes that i've hooked up with who have never done a trans dude before at least ask a few more questions or refer to me being trans in someway.  i say this to him.  he says, 'well, i thought the trans thing would be really different, but its not', he says it almost with a bit of disappointment, he says, 'its like you're just any guy that i invited over to fuck'.  i kind of luv it. 

the second thing was that after we fucked we hung out and chatted for a while over a drink on his balcony.  it was a warm summer nite.  we were not really vibing in that way that sometimes i vibe with my hook ups, where you both find each other interesting, yuh know where there is just that connect.  however he's a nice guy and neither of us have anywhere else we need to be.  we don't really have much to chat about as we have almost nothing in common.  so we start swapping hook up stories.  i majorly luv swapping hook up stories.  we chat for a good hour or so sharing tales.  worst hook up, weirdest hook up, hook up that he wanted more out of, hook ups that want more out of me.  he gave me advice about this hook up that i've been wanting to let go of.

for me often hook ups are pure fucking, usually there is some general chat, but its really just about fucking.  sometimes we vibe and connect more strongly though its still about fucking.  and sometimes a hook up is really just about two people making a connection and enjoying each others company in that moment, and not asking anything more of each other.

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