Sunday, January 29, 2012

a 7am fuck

It was late Saturday night, I was tired and i decided to check my accounts and saw a message from a cute guy, white, lots of tats and piercings which i love, and he was very close by. I messaged him back and he responded immediately. We started chatting back and forth - he'd been with trans guys before, seemed cool. He wanted me to come over immediately, but I was very tired, had to be up early the next day and not really in the mood. So we said another time.

I got up around 7am and was getting ready to go to the gym while checking my messages. Dude from last night messaged me. He said want to come over now? He only had about an hour or so but thought we could make it happen. So this is the thing. His place is actually on the way to my gym.   For folks who follow this blog its pretty obvious i'm all about convenience.  So I said yeah, why not, let me just take a quick shower. He said no come now I like funk. I said no I need to shower to feel comfortable but i will be there soon. So i hop in the shower and then head over.

I jump on my bike and am there quickly. He lets me in, he's definitely my type.  He lives in a big, artsy loft kind of place.  He leads me to his room and we get right to it. We both strip, he's already hard, i get on my knees in front of him and get to work on his cock. He looks down at me and says you are such a small guy (he's pretty big - 6ft semi muscular and built) as i take him down my throat. 

He leads me to his bed which is built under an overhead loft. He slips on a condom and I mount him. The overhead loft bit means that there are lots of places i can hang from as i ride him - this is very hot.  I fuck him hard, stroking him with my cunt, sliding up and down his hard cock til i feel myself cumming. Then he flips me over lifts up my legs and pushes into me.  He's fucking me rough and fast, pounding his full weight into me.  He say's he's getting close.  Says he can't cum with a condom.  He pulls out, removes the condom and cums all over my face.

After we clean up a little, we chat for a bit, short chat cuz he has to go. We talk tatoos, piercings, politics.  Then I wash up, he gives me his number (the hook up arrangement had been so fast we didn't even exchange cells) and i head out. Hop on my bike again and head to the gym in time for my 8am workout.

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