Saturday, January 21, 2012


lately i've had a run of flakes.

this dude and i had hooked up a long time ago.  it was a fun hook up nothing spectacular.  sexy, stereotypically hot gay boy.  every once in a while he would message me and say hi.  he hit me up recently to say we should get together again soon.  so i'm game.  he was pretty persistent about it however it was during a week i was very busy so i tried to squeeze him in however i had to cancel (which i let him know in advance).  so we rescheduled for sunday night.  i sent him my address as i was hosting and he said cool.  i'll see you sunday night around 9pm.  so sunday i'm running around doing lots of stuff but i make sure i'm home in time for the hook up.  so dude doesn't show.  no text no message.  i know its all par for the hook up scene and it has happened to me before with a regular (who i let go for that reason - i don't have time for flakes).  and there are countless times where i've said to a dude or had it said to me yeah lets hook up later in the week or over the weekend and i or the dude or both of us don't follow up.

however this is only the 2nd time i've actually set a date and time with someone and they totally flake. its annoying and lets just be honest a blow to my ego.  its not that i was particularly excited about this hook up or actually feeling particularly horny it was one of those 'why not' kind of hook ups.  i still feel like a loser.  and i know its silly cuz this is just a hook up, its just fucking, yet seriously...

then later that same week i had arranged a hook up with this dude.  new hook up.  we had messaged a month or so ago and he was pretty persistent but it was a busy time for me and we just were not able to make it happen.  however this guys is seriously hot - not in that stereotypical gay boy way but in this brown, i'm all muscle, when i walk my arms don't move they are so big kind of way.  major muscle head.  so fucking hot.  so we planned to meet up one friday night.  we had set it up earlier that day.  so i texted him an hour before just to give him final details.  no word.  the time we are supposed to meet rolls around and he's a no show.  i text him to see if he's still coming.  he texts back that he's not sure if he can make it.  annoying....   why are all these dudes so flaky lately.  really what happened to common courtesy.  i know its just fucking but seriously, let a guy know if you're not gonna make it. (we actually do end up hooking up a week or so later and its nothing mind blowing...)

annoyed and this time i'm horny.  so i message another new hook up and he comes over and fucks the hell out of me. 

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