Sunday, December 5, 2010

hasidic DL

This guy was textin me the previous eve – hot texts about how he’s gonna suck me off and fuck me hard so I hopped on my bike and headed over. I walked over to the spot in the heart of the Hasidic neighborhood.

Called him and he tried to direct me to the right door – he wouldn’t just come out to meet me...took about ten minutes for me to find the right door, all the while with him giving me directions and refusing to come out.

Finally got inside and it was a real family home, kids toys all over the place, he’s a tall Hasidic guy, not bad looking, he offers me water then takes me down to the basement which is some kind of work studio littered with random shit. He apologizes saying the other place he had planned to take me was much nicer with a bed and shower we could have used.

He kisses me, he’s a bad kisser, we strip and kiss and he picks me up, which I’m into, i wrap my legs around his waist and we kiss and grind. he lies down on the basement floor and I suck him off.

then I put a condom over his dick, at which point he says, 'this condom is for black people', in my head i simultaneously laugh and think 'racist fuck', at this point though whatever, i'm not here to help him unlearn his racism.

he turns me on my back and we fuck, he fucks me hard, but he cums really fast, afterwards I jerk myself off with him inside me - pretty hot.

We get dressed and he tells me he’s been with trans women and had a trans girl friend but i'm his first trans guy. He says he has a few places that he uses to do this all over the neighborhood. I collect my shit, we go back up stairs, he goes to use the bathroom and tells me that if anyone comes in I should tell them I’m here for his business.

He offers to drive me to my bike, I decline so we leave the apt, he heads left and I head right as if we’ve never met. Later, he texts me to say I’m amazing…


  1. ha i hate 1 minute least you got off. and sounds shady, which is a bit hot. :)

  2. thanks for the comment, yeah, definitely not one of the hottest but definitely one of the more interesting...