Wednesday, December 22, 2010

beautiful boy

This guy had been hitting me up on ManHunt for some time now. We had been messaging back and forth periodically. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to hook up with him. He is not my type physically based on his pictures but sometimes, at least for me, physical attraction and sexual attraction don’t always equate. There is also something interesting about him in a punk, alternative kind of way... And he has been with trans guys before which is always a good thing. Saturday he started messaging me on MH. Pretty hot messages. He is a total dom and sometimes I’m in the mood to be a total sub…

Sunday night rolls around and he says come over he has about an hour or two to host. His texts are not requests but orders which I find pretty hot. So I hop on my bike and I’m there quickly. He comes to the door and he really is not my type at all but I decide to go with it. He’s nice and in person less of a dom which is what it is. We get into his place and he immediately starts kissing me, we make the way to his couch and both strip, he’s hard and I suck him off some, then we fuck for a while, its good, not great, but good.

Afterwards, I’m sprawled out on my back on his couch, still entirely naked my arms behind my head, recovering a little.

He looks down at me and says slowly with a smile “You really are a beautiful boy”.

Love it.

I've been on testosterone for a long time but I have not had any surgery top or bottom. I didn't end up hooking up with this guy again, but I always remember him saying that. of course i don't think we should rely on other people in order to affirm and love our bodies, but as trans and genderqueer people of color the message the outside world sends us is almost always negative, so when the outside world sends something affirming amidst all the complications of race, gender and sex - its nice to take note of.


  1. Hi there,

    I wanted to ask about hooking up with no top surgery. Has this ever become an issue in hook ups? As much as I want to enter the scene this is a source of anxiety for me (in terms of size, my breasts are not huge but cannot be concealed without a binder). Are the effects of testosterone enough for non-trans men to look past such female characteristics?


  2. Thanks so much for your comment. So when i first started hooking up it was something i was really worried about. i would always bind and always asked the dude if he wanted me to keep my shirt on. I'm small but when i'm naked you can definitely tell they are breasts. however i have never had a guy tell me to keep my shirt on so i stopped asking.

    i mean i don't know what is in every dudes head, but sometimes we've talked about their attraction to me and its usually two things: 1) they like the mix of masculine and feminine i.e. dude with a pussy and breasts kind of thing, 2) they just see me as a dude with some different parts. while no one has ever said it to me i'm sure some of the hookups see me as a girl - i mean i just think that's real - not alot i can do about what's going on in their heads.

    that all said do what you feel comfortable with. i'm always real upfront with dudes about my anatomy, however i know other transguys who don't disclose particularly for serious quickies i.e. if you just wanna blow someone.

    best of luck