Friday, December 17, 2010

he asked - when did you get your dick removed...

Met up with one of my regulars last night. He’s one I’m always questioning if I want to do again. And last nite kind of sucked... I got home in the early morn and was feeling like I needed something more. So I got on my sites to see what I could make happen. Made plans with a guy i had been chatting with for a bit for later that night. In the process got hit up by this guy who is in biking distance (I’m a real sucker for anything local) it was clear it was gonna be a quick thing he only had an hour and a half so i thought why not? So I hop on my bike and head over. Young looking guy says he’s 30 but looks ways younger, cute, latino, smooth, thin. I get there, its clearly a family home, kids toys around, etc.

he takes me to his room and the first thing i notice is the bunk bed.

he says that his little brother, who is six, shares his room. We chat for literally a minute and he pulls out his cock. I suck him off some, he asks me if i like his cock. we both strip, I slip a condom over him, he lies me down on the bottom bunk (fucking hilarious) pushes in side me and fucks me hard missionary style, he comes real fast, shoots inside me though which always turns me on.

Afterwards as I’m putting my clothes back on he asks when I had the surgery, I say what do you mean, he says yuh know when did you get your dick removed…. In my head I’m thinking what the fuck, but I just say patiently, cuz he doesn't say it in a shady way, I was born like this, i was born female and now i'm a guy. He just nods and say oh still looking a little confused. I finish getting dressed, we thank each other and I head out the door….


  1. Ha ha, that's really funny. Did he not get that you were trans?

  2. what's even funnier about this is that maybe a few months later i was looking for a quicky and he happened to be available. after we fucked we pretty much had exactly the same conversation.... lol