Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tall, dark, n' lovely.

He fucked me hard and deep. 6 feet 5. Locks down his back, formed into pretty long braids that he kept having to flip out of his face as he bent over me and entered me gently. He hadn't had pussy in 3 years and some change. The ideas of a guy with a vag confused and turned him on simultaneously. That's the reason he hit me up on adam4adam. That and the picture where I'm flexing my arms - one of my best features, by the way. He flipped my legs up in the air. Placed my feet on his chest. I could feel his heart hammering away. His big dick plunged into me and I gasped. He was gentle at first. "You're so tight," he whispered as he withdrew and entered faster this time. I closed my eyes and moaned. God he could fuck. God he was big. And I could no longer stop the sounds spewing out of my mouth. This is why I love Black men - the connection formed as skin comes upon skin.

"Hold onto my arms like that, baby boi. I got you," he said as he plunged in deeper. I grabbed his shoulders, now thinly layered by a film of sweat. It was almost too much. A sweet, delicious pain. I dared to look down to where the action was happening. "You see that dick?" he grunted as he fucked me faster. I did. I got wetter at the sight if his dick going in and out of me. This 6 foot 5 giant now cradling my ass with a gentleness challenged only by the ferocity with which he pounded my pussy. His eyes boring into mine. My mouth agape. Sounds I could barely recognize as mine escaping them. I thought, as he leaned down to wrap his tongue around mine, I am never fucking white men again.

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