Friday, December 17, 2010

roof top screw

So I have a thing for roof tops. Hooked up with my regular who I’m always
questioning if I should hook up with again. I’ve written about him before. Latino bear daddy type. Its just I have a thing for daddy types sometimes… so we arranged to meet at his place, he said he had a family thing to go to beforehand but I was like no worries I can hang at the bar if you’re running late. Got to the bar and he texted that he was gonna be late and that I could meet him at his family thing if I wanted (oh yeah forgot to mention the reason I’m always questioning this guy is he is a bit much, he wants way more than a hook up… borders on obsessive... however he is a really good fuck). I said no I would hang at the bar. Waited for a very long time…. Annoyed and about to leave but then he showed up.

His family was home when we got to his apartment, which is awkward, so we went up to his roof top. This made the wait worth it. It’s a nice summer night. We drink some wine. He kisses me and plays with my nipples through my shirt, very hot. I unbutton his pants and kneel down in front of him. I take his cock into my mouth, he is already hard, I suck him off while he plays with my nipples through my shirt. He unbuttons my pants and fingers my clit. He puts his shirt on the ground and lays me down on top of it and pulls off my pants, i slip a condom over his dick, he drops his pants to his ankles and he pushes into me. The ground is way too uncomfortable so I stop him and get up. At this point he kicks off his pants and picks me up in his arms, i wrap my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist and he slides into me, fucks me standing – love it. Love that he is so big and strong and can fuck me like that. We fuck like that for a while. Then he carries me over to a bench that they have on the roof and I ride him for a while, i look up at the stars as we fuck. Shit so hot. I ride him til we both cum. I put my pants back on and we drink some more wine. We head back downstairs to his apartment.

We get to his room and he lays me on the bed and we start kissing and grinding. We strip again and he sucks me off and then starts tongueing my ass. He’s hard again and he turns me over and asks if he can fuck me there. This is not something I normally do but I’m in the mood (I’m also a little sore in front from previous hookups…). I say yeah but to go slow, he slips on a condom and rubs the tip of his cock against my asshole, until i'm wanting it, grinding back on him, then he slowly pushes in, fucking me slow at first then fast and hard until I can’t take it any more. I tell him to switch condoms and he fucks my pussy for what seems like forever until we both cum. I lie on top of him exhausted.

At some point I must have fallen asleep, I wake up and the sun is starting to come up, I don’t like to spend the night at my hookups, just a thing I have, however I’m still here… he's spooning me and i feel his cock against my ass, he’s hard, we grind for a while then I tell him to get a condom and he pushes inside me, fucks me slow and hard, I rub my clit as we fuck, he keeps fucking me then pulls out, takes of the condom and shoots all over my back.

I clean up and tell him i have to go, he offers to make breakfast, to call me a cab, all which i decline. i kiss him goodbye as i leave. The sun has just come up as i'm walking home, love early mornings especially after i've been fucked...

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