Monday, December 6, 2010

worthwhile trek

So I decide to hook up with this guy even though it’s a major trek to get to his place. He offers to pick me up at the bus stop. I’m not into getting in cars with new hook ups but he seems ok and I google mapped his address so I would know where I was.... that sounds really nerdy but it made me feel safer.

He picks me up, he is way hotter in person, beautiful actually, toned, brown skin, long hair – glad I made the trek. We chat a little in the short car ride. We get to his place and he takes me into his room. We sit down across from each other, awkward silence, then he just gets up and kisses me.

We kiss for a bit, he is a really good kisser, then strip, I ask if he wants me to leave my top on (no top surgery) he says no. I suck him off a bit, grab a condom and we start fucking. He is really good and we fuck for a long time, he likes to fuck missionary style which is my favorite position actually, then he cums inside me – which I luv.

We laze around a bit, chatting some, he runs his fingers up and down my back – nice…. I feel him getting hard again so we fuck some more, this time I notice the mirror by his bed and we both watch as he fucks me doggy style, then i raise up on my knees so that he is still fucking me from behind, we both watch as we fuck each other, i've gotta say we look incredibly sexy and hot... i drop back down on my hands and knees and fuck him til he shoots.

totally worth the trek

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