Friday, December 17, 2010

The Craigslist Hook Up

One of the least enjoyable aspects of the anonymous sex scene is what I refer to as the "setting up" stage. The moment when you're horny as all hell and you've exhausted the million different ways to fuck yourself with your favorite dildo and you're way overdue for someone else to be wielding a cock in your general direction. So you hop onto one of the sites - craigslist, adam4adam, manhunt, etc. Some sites are more effective than others. I've tried all three of these with varying success.

Craigslist is a "you gotta work for it" kinda site. First there's the ad development phase. You have to decide how you want to describe your "trans-ness". Using terms like FTM, Trans Man, Trans Boy, has to be a deliberate choice, because each term draws a particular type of "gent". If you describe yourself as "FTM", you're more likely to draw a guy, for whom attraction for trans men has been tried, tested, and proven to be true. He can actually say "female to male" without tripping over words and looking seriously confused. This is my favorite kind of CL hook up because the sex is usually hot. If you describe yourself as a "Trans Boy", then expect the "daddy" types to hit you up. For some reason, the term "Trans Man" draws a lot more guys who are actually looking for trans women. Go figure.

Once the ad has been placed and the responses start trickling or rolling in, then the real work begins. Some men aren't scared to air their shit - they'll send cock pics right away, want to meet that day, and eagerly list all the many dirty things they'd like to do to you. Others are shy and hesitant. They're usually living a totally straight (and narrow) life with a girlfriend or wife, so every once in a while they gotta get a little kink in their life and that's where you come in. I generally steer clear of these guys, because, well...there's just too much potential for drama. Then there are the fools who, even after you've been clear about what being a trans guy means in your ad, you've emailed back and forth about this, they've seen your pictures (face and torso), they know about the facial hair, somehow after all this they're expecting (hoping and praying for) you to look more like a butch woman. I can tell you from experience, very rarely does meeting up with a guy like this result in sex (or even good sex). Once in a while, yes, a dude surprises the hell out of you and you walk away all glowing and shit, but most of the time, it results in nothing or nothing to write home about. You may have to wade through tons of responses from CL, a lot of them icky, and really only find one guy that you'd disrobe for, which is quite common, as well as time consuming! So, yeah, the CL hook up usually requires a lot of work.

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