Saturday, December 18, 2010

he came after 2 strokes....

So my co blogger and i committed to write about the good and the bad. Luckily I haven’t had a really bad hook up yet (knock on wood), no one has made me do anything I don’t want or been really fucked up to me, just some not so good ones so here is one of them.

So I was in major need of a hookup, but didn’t feel like going far and none of my local regulars were responding so when this guy hit me up who was very close by I decided to go for it. He was good looking in his pic, not hot, but not unattractive. So I decided to give it a go. I was a little under the influence at this point, which I know is not the safest choice, but sometimes for me can be very hot while hooking up.

So he meets me outside, he’s not unattractive but not as attractive as his pic, and not really my kind of attractive, older guy probably in his 40’s, light brown skin, latino, small. We go up to his place, its kind of a mess… I have a thing about places being at least somewhat clean and tidy. I don't care if you live in a closet or a fancy apt but dirty messy places bother me....

he wants to chat, seems lonely. Chats for a while, asking lots of questions which I’m ok with I realize he clearly did not get the trans thing as I had to explain it to him even though I already had via messaging, but he’s a nice guy, not creepy, he asks lots more questions about my transition but they are polite and respectful, like when I started, if I’m getting surgery and then asked if I’m happy with it. I’m ok with talking about my transition with my hookups as long as they are cool about it. At this point we've been talking for a while, i'm feeling inpatient and I wonder if I should just go and he doesn't want to do this.

However, finally we start hooking up, we are lying on his bed and he pulls out his cock, I suck him off for a bit, I ask if he wants to fuck, he says yes so I slide a condom over his cock. He lies back and I guide him inside me. He cums after two strokes…. He says he always cums fast the first time, but then he can’t get it up again…. This is not what I need so I jerk myself off while he plays with my nipples, at least I get off….

In the moment it wasn’t so bad, but afterwards I felt bad about it, messy apt, guy I’m not really attracted to who didn’t get the trans thing at first, who seems really lonely and who cums after two strokes, its depressing…. I decide I need to be more discerning about my hook ups….


  1. That just totally sucks. I am scared to if I have to look for guys to be with. :(

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for reading our blog and for your comment!

    This particular hook up was not all that fun (but i did get some of what i wanted which was to get off...), but others have been - check out some of our other posts.

    Definitely get being scared. i was really scared and nervous when i first started hooking up. i did alot of messaging and emailing beforehand so that i felt as safe as possible about it.

    we both have things that we do to feel safer about it. check out the two posts about arranging a hook up.

    also, we both have safety buddys. so everytime i go on a new hook up i message my safety buddy with the address and number of the person.

    feel free to shoot out questions or more thoughts : )